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    Memories - Our happiness in present of mutinous past

    Memories are the rewind picture or movie of one's past that resuscitate and add a smile to their life. The memory can be pleasant, naughty, mischievous, wacky but they are the most spoken incidents that may first bring embarrassment but then laughter. Some memories are painful and hurting but that has taught us the best lessons or made us strong. Every memory, when recalled is sometimes a reason to smile that is narrated to the next generations as gives us more energy. Never let your memories die as it is what makes us live a content life in the present. When we become old and sit on the rocking chair, we may ride through our childhood memories and wonder why childhood memories are always sweet? The only answer we would get is that during our childhood, we never thought of tomorrow, never stressed, never had a hatred for others, there was love, peace, and friendship everywhere. What do the members think about your memory? Does it bring a smile on your face thinking about the mischiefs done during those days but is a laughter doze now? Do share your good memory here in your comment.

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    It is the human tendency that when we rewind the past and look at that photos or videos, we look young , energetic and different from the present and therefore we like those images again and again to be watched and cherished. Especially when we are during the childhood stage when such photos come across for the review and discussion we would be transported to those days automatically. The reason for taking photos is to cherish the good and even the bad moments of life. Some years back I had been to Prayagraj, Varanasi, Gaya with my father in law and others and now when I look at those photos it gives great pleasure rewinding all those tricky moments we faced and now my father in law is no more and his reminding ways of life comes to the forth immediately. Surely we get connected with the past.
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    I tried to open the items you referred in this thread. Bu all the links are giving error message only. No matter is getting opened. Please look into that.
    Memories will bring a smile on our face sometimes. Sometimes they will bring tears to us, That too, childhood memories are very sweet and when we remember those issues, we may think why we will not be like a child throughout the life, which is not possible.
    During my primary school days, all the teachers used to like me. They used to take special interest towards me and used to inform my parents their liking towards me. I used to feel very happy when the teacher gives a good comment on my notebook. I used to show that to my elder and younger sisters.

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    All the hyperlinks you have given in this thread leading to error messages. Recently when I have gone through the old photos at the place of my grandfather, so many memories at my childhood time came into mind. The places I visited there, the places I played there, the various events that occurred at that time, my grandfather, grandmother, and one of my uncle who is not there now came into my mind at once. At that time we used to take Sesame seeds or Till seeds which were grown in my grand father's farm to oil mill run by Oxen. We used to wait a long time to get the oil drawn by oxen driven mill. The oil got through like that, is very pure and healthy. The remain of the seeds after drawing oil we used to get oil cake, That oil cake was used to prepare a nice curry in the house. Those are the great memories I recollected at that time.

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    Believe me or not. yesterday, when I saw a smiling girl, my thought went back to my good old young days when I was a teenager. During my school annual holidays, I used to visit my maternal uncle's house. He had a daughter of my age. She had a beautiful smiling face. I never saw her crying but smiling only. Her smile had a smile that I have not seen on anyone's face. Such a great smile was hers. Alas! she could not live long but left for heaven. After her marriage, she delivered a girl and reached heaven.
    Yesterday, I was thinking about her and her wonderful smile. She is still lingering in my mind. A girl whom I never forget. Her smile still smiles.

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    Childhood memories are always sweet which take us back in past even forgetting our present. Our family members or close relatives or acquaintances who are no more with us are revived in memories. We feel nice talking about them and telling about their activities or our relationship with them while sharing all this with youngsters.

    Recalling my childhood appears to me as if it were the matter of recent past.

    But past is dead and dead never returns, so we should be a good person to all that one day we are also amongst 'no more' for young or coming generation they will remember us as 'a good' person.

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    Memories of childhood will be definitely happy and nostalgic memories. But in adult life we have to experience good and bad, happy and sad, some we like to forget and some like to keep on remembering and want to happen again. So it is a mixed bag. From some we had learned lessons.
    Regarding my memories, I have satisfaction about some, happiness about some, some bring smile and mischievous smile and a couple of them bring tears also.

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    Varghese, the URL in all your threads have "' part two times. I think you are copying fomthe one prepared for the first thread everyday. Please go back to the draft copy of the hyperlink and remove the extra part. Then things will be ok.

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    Memories are very valuable things in our lives. They are the elements of our autobiography if we would be able to write it one day. An autobiography of an ordinary citizen. People having good memory would remember the finest details of past happening while others would only remember a hazy picture of those events. Once I wrote an article on my amazing grandmother based on my childhood interactions with her during my regular visits to the village where she lived alone. My relatives and family members were very much surprised to see the preciseness in that article as what I wrote was exactly as what they saw in my unique grandmother. So, memories are the prints of those images that are lost in the past but can be revived now with thinking and recapitulation.

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    Memories, here I mean is the mistakes and mischiefs that we did during our past i.e. childhood, teenage, adult, in school, college, etc and where we got a caning from our parents, elders, teachers, etc and of fights that we did with our siblings, friends, classmates, roommates, etc. Now when we meet each other and talk about those incidents, we burst out and tells that that was silly. The bolshie things are now just doltish and bring happiness and laughter in us. That is why I have mentioned that our memories are the happiness in the present of mutinous past.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    For me my childhood and school days are a nostalgic one and I cherish those memories much. We did all types of mischiefs during that time and had fun out of it. I sometimes talk to my class fellows on phone regarding that time and we create that happiness again in the present laughing and enjoying the past memories.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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