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    WHO is not efficient - It is money eating white elephant

    Members, The Virus took birth in November last year and was out in January this year. Initially WHO said that the virus is a droplet and won't suspend in the air, but drop down within one-meter distance. Now WHO says that it is not a droplet, but can sustain on the air for hours.

    What is this? Being a great organization on the earth to save the lives of people from diseases, could not find the real attitude of the virus. They are coming with this latest news after six months of its spread around the world.

    Is WHO is a sincere organization to help the human to maintain and live in good health? No. I think they are the white elephant eating our wealth doing nothing for the health.

    President Trump has stopped funding WHO. He is right in doing this. It is about 400 million dollars per year. It means 40 crore dollars which is about 2400 crore rupees per year. This is only from the US. How about the funds from other nations? Can't imagine the huge funds and their inefficient work.

    Are they worth spending and not yielding any good results? I would say that the WHO has failed. It is proved that they are doing nothing but sitting and eating the funds.

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    Yes. I agree with the author on this issue. He is very correct. When they come to know about this virus, they have not taken it seriously. But when it started spreading violently. they started reacting. They might have taken it seriously and moved R&D s to initiate work on vaccine and medicine on war foot basis. But that has not happened.
    Really WHO is becoming a white elephant only. It acted like a dog barking after 6 months of the death of the thief. What is the use? Now they are telling that this virus can spread through the air also. Let them take up their jobs seriously and take care of the health aspects of the public. Otherwise, there is no use of spending such heavy money on it.
    Now the USA stopped funding it. If other countries also stop funding it will become fundless also. WHO officials should thank seriously about their working methodology and see that they will have a better work practice so that it will be useful to the public and worth spending money on that.

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    The important activity of WHO is to support and carry out research related to development of drugs, vaccines, find out the ways by which diseases spread, find out control procedures of diseases, aid countries to eradicate diseases etc. But WHO lazily sitting without carrying out all these activities. Suddenly some dangerous situation arise in any part of the world they are waking up from their sleep and then start crying about the problem. By the time they woke the situation going out of any body's control. In that way WHO is not discharging its duties properly and thus becoming an useful asset for the world.

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    From what is slowly coming out in various media in bits and pieces, we can understand that WHO was altering and not alert or efficient especially during the Covid crisis. It had to change its stand and statements. It is now amply clear that either WHO was under pressure from China, or it sided with China or it was caught totally unawares. Anyway it shows WHO has not effectively functioned.
    It is thus relevant that US wants to quit WHO and has withdrawn from contributing to WHO, US was a large contributor to WHO.
    WHO does not have any effective and original contribution in Covid matter.

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    Yes, kind of a white elephant. In fact, most UN organizations, in general, are not that effective when it comes to tackling serious matters like this. Same goes with WHO. There seems to be many lapses on the part of the present Director-General in assessing and addressing the COVID 19 issue. Quite possibly, his initial responses and actions were marred by Chinese influence. Now that the US has stopped funding to the organization, wonder what could be its future. Will it get into Chinese control? God forbid.
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    I am not much aware about the activities of WHO before this pandemic but immature press releases and contradictory explanations by the WHO officials have placed this apex organisation on a doubtful stage and the whole world is unhappy with their inconsistent performance during this tough and fearful time. This has put a big question mark on the reputation of such an erstwhile dignified international organisation. WHO should supposed to have the cream intelligent people from the world and we are looking up to it for authentic and correct information and not the ambiguous one. It is an unfortunate scenario.
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