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    Which is your favorite festival in the month of Shravan ?

    Shravan month is already started in North India and pretty soon southern parts of India including Maharashtra will also start celebrations of holy Shravan month. This holy month according to Hindu Panchaang comes up with several auspicious days and festivals of Hindu religion such as Naag Panchami, Gokulashtami, Raksha Bandhan, etc.

    My most favorite festival of all these religious days is "Gokulashtami". Gokulashtami is also know as "Krishna Janmashtami". We celebrate birthday of Lord Krishna on this auspicious day. After the whole day of fasting, eating the sweets and prasad of the Krishna Janma is more than a heavenly feast.

    In Maharashtra, next day of "Krishna Janmashtami"we celebrate "Dahi Handi" on this day. Dahi handi or gopal kala is also a very rare festive in itself. Troupes of boys and girls built many layers of manors to reach pot hung up high. This act is quite a thrill to see.

    What is your special favorite auspicious day in holy "Shravan" month?

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    This year Sravanamasam will be starting in another 10 days. This is a special month for Hindus and especially for ladies. Newly married lady will start Sravana Maasa Vratam which will go for five years. For five years from the starting year, in every Sravanmasam, they have to do this vratam. For gents, Sravana Purnima is a special day. They have to change their Yagnopaveetham ( Sacred thread). They have to have a new one and they have to remove the old one.
    Sravan Purnima is also known as Raksha Bandhan. All the sisters will ties a Rakhi to their brothers and offer sweets. In turn, the brothers will offer them good gifts. This custom was not very famous during our childhood days. But now it is there in almost all families. I like this festival very much. All my 4 sisters will send me Rakhis. One sister who is staying in Hyderabad will tie a Rakhi and I will eat with her. I give some gifts to all the sisters on this day. I don't know how we are going to celebrate this year Rakshabhandan.

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    Shravan in Tamil means 'Aavani. It is a month on which all the separated newly married would unite after a separation of one month in 'Aadi'. Aadi is the month not fit to conceive by the newly married bride. If conceived, the delivery would take place in the month of Chithra which is the hottest month, not fit for delivery.

    Aavani Avittam is a simple festival to change the holy thread (Cross Belt) for the communities who wear this holy thread. A loveable month among all the months with other festivals mentioned by the other members.

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    There is a slight difference in the month observed in North India and South India. As base followed is different there will be a slight variation of a fortnight. The difference is due to the basis as Purnimant or Amavasyant. As such it is already Sravan month started n certain states. In other states it will start by July 21 only.
    However the month is very significant throughout India as many festivals fall inthe month.
    The Sharvan Poornima is a very significant day. It is generally seen that the Saran Nakshatra(Thiruvonam inMalayalam) and the Poornima(Full Moon) mostly coincide in the month of Shravan. Many years the main festival of Kerala-Onam- falls on that day. So for me the Shravan poornima with sravan star is a very important festival day. The day is celebrated in different names in different states.

    There are a few songs in Malayalam highlighting the 'Sraavan Chandrika" or Sravan Moon.

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