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    If you were given a chance, what you would have invented?

    In our regular day to day life, many times we get stuck in something and wish for something innovative related to our issue that would have solved our problem immediately. Now, suppose you are given a chance to create something innovative, what would you have created? I would have created a dress with an option to change the colour. It would be if you wash it with cold water, it will give you one colour and if you wash it with hot water, it will give you another colour. Another wish is for a shoe that can be converted into a flip-flop. It will save some space in my baggage while traveling. What do you want to create!

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    I am longing to invent something to do away with petrol and diesel. I am much interested in inventing vehicles to run on seawater (It is difficult to get freshwater). And also trains to run with compressed air pressure. I have conveyed my plans to a few of my relatives who are engineering students. They are working on it. If given a chance with laboratory and workshop facilities, I am sure, I will be great on this good earth. Alas! the scientific community who sit, eat and waste money on the name of invention from their birth to death keeping their hair silver may not be happy with me.
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    If I had the technical knowhow and the inventive spirit and I am given an opportunity, then I would like to invent an appliance which will iron our clothes as we do it manually. We have to just insert the cloth inside the machine and the fully ironed and folded cloth will come at the output end.

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    Good thought. We will have so many ambitions in our life. It is very difficult to get all our wishes fulfilled. During my high school study, I read a story by name Alladin and his wonder lamp. That lamp will be fulfilling all his desires. but I don't know whether that lamp really exists or not. If I was given a chance I will try to invent such a lamp so that we can get all our wishes fulfilled. But I may be too ambitious. It may not be able to invent such a lamp in this world. Anyhow if I have a chance definitely I will attempt for it.
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    Given a chance I would like to invent an electronic pen which when moved over a written page simply reads it and tells it in a headphone or earphone. I would also love to invent a gadget which can translate our spoken language directly to other language.
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    It sounds really interesting. I wish to solve one issue related to our houses. Many people wish to build their dream houses and eventually had to shift to other places because of their jobs. They return to their dream houses only after retiring from their jobs. If the houses have wheels and can be folded they can be easily shifted from one place to another. I would try my hand on that aspect if given a chance.

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