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    Going to start writing threads on stock market

    Hi all

    I am going to write a thread daily on stock market which will be in series and anyone who is willing to learn about share market can follow my threads regularly and can ask their questions in the comment section.

    I have an experience of around 5years in stock market and I will share my know from beginner to professional level with examples and practical skills.

    Please do comment what you think about my this work.
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    Good idea. But ensure your thread is short and clear. You can number your threads as stock market part I part II etc. At the end, invite questions from the members.

    I have some money to invest beneficially. Your thread should help me to make money.

    No life without Sun

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    Thank you sun,
    I will try to make it short and simple. I will post the threads as day 1, day 2 and so on. Yes questions on stock market are always welcomed by me.

    Surely you will be benefited from these threads.
    I will start from basics and then take it to professional level. So that everyone can invest in stock market and get good returns.

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    Sachin, it is fine to raise threads on stock markets but let me tell you that it should not be just market updates which would not call for any discussion nor should it be something like such and such stocks are good for buying/ selling today and so on. Your threads should not be mere information but should be of academic value to those who are interested. I don't intend discouraging your idea but thought it would be better to let you know what would be an acceptable proposition. I would also suggest you raise a thread, as per the parameters suggested, on a weekly basis. Let us see how it fares.
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    My threads on stock market will add Academic value to those who follow my threads and I will ask everyone to comment there questions.

    I understand what you want to say and I will try to follow these rules.

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    Share markets are subject to market behaviors and surely many would have less knowledge about happening in the Dalal street. Your interest to share posts on share market is always welcome and let that be on the basis of tutorial basis. What I came to know from many of the wise share investors that we should not hope for the big gain, and if we could gain even marginally, that should be the day to sell the shares. If the shares are sold when the company is going well the purchases would be more and instant but many rush for selling the share when the reputation and sale of the company has back tracked.
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    Share market have it's own behavior.
    Time to buy and sell share does not only depend on the price but there are many other factors too according to which the time for selling and buying of shares is decided. Also it changes from person to person and their profit and loss taking capacity.

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    Sachin what could be the minimum amount to start with and what is the guarantee that we would get the return on investment with some sort of gains when we sell at short notice.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    There is no guarantee of gains in stock market.
    There are two type of person in stock market. First, is an investor and the other is trader.
    If you are an investor then you should invest for atleast for 1-3years to have good returns depending upon the company in which you invest.
    On the other hand, there are traders who buy or sell share for very period of time.

    If you use proper strategy and invest in a company with good fundamentals your money will surely give you good returns.

    Regarding minimum amount there is no as such minimum amount requirements it depends totally on you how much you want to invest.

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    Share Markets depends on Market Behaviours and we must invest with more caution. We are having our Hard earned money and we must have a study of technical subjects and how to pick up stock. Without understanding the credentials it will not be wise to invest in the stock market. There are many online brokerages available in India. Selecting the best one need more explanation and dedication for it. Also, Discount Brokers are also available in the market. I would wise you to write articles one by one, so you can explain it daily with examples. If I get 1000 RS profit from the market I stop my trading on that day. I won't go for second time trading. There are many Technical indicators available and understanding it and using it needs more attention.
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    One should invest in market with caution and proper knowledge. To pick a stock technical and fundamental analysis is necessary.
    For investor, all the discount broker are almost same. For trader their are some criteria to be checked according to the traders and their need. I will write a different thread for selection of broker.

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