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    The fresh new palette on my palate plate

    In the initial weeks of the lockdown began, we did find it difficult to get a variety of vegetables and I had mentioned in one of the threads at that time getting a little peeved at constantly eating lauki vegetable. Towards the end of last month, we unexpectedly got bright yellow bell peppers and were utterly delighted! Last week, too, both yellow and red bell peppers were available in the local market along with green ones.

    Now, from the regular green-hued vegetables of beans, bottle gourd, etc we are getting some varied hues including those of beetroot and bell peppers. So sharing a photo of the palette that emerged from the bell peppers (the red one is just a piece of it as it was already cut and cooked before clicking them!) -
    Bell peppers

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    What you want to tell us? You have some pallete on your plate. You have just posted information about the vegetables available to you. You did not end your thread with a question inviting some answer or posted any point for discussion.
    What should I do with your (this) thread?

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    It is not necessary to put a query or an emphatic point at the end of the text. Members may apply their mind to understanding the underlying threads of thought in the thread and accordingly respond in an intelligent manner if they so wish or just ignore the thread altogether. Discussions can be incited in varied, smart ways.
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    More than our choice, what is available online is being purchased by us. Almost we are asking for raw mangoes which were there in their list of available items. But they are not supplying. I don't whether we will get this week or not. A local vegetable supplier started online supplies and we are getting a fresh lot from him. We are getting from him. Even though weekly once the vegetable market is opened, we are not going there to get them with a fear of COVID19. We are also trying to make our plate colourful by having raw carrots and beetroot pieces with lemon and onion pieces.
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    The combination of red capsicum and yellow capsicum adds a colourful touch to one's palate. It's said that if some food looks good, then one feels very hungry. Thus, the red and yellow combination makes for a bright range of colours and foodies will be drawn towards it.

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    I have seen bell pepper in green, red and yellow and it looks great when mixed while preparing Chinese recipe. Recently, I came across Purple colour cabbage whereas, we are familiar with the green ones, I also came across black garlic. We all love jackfruit and know only the bright yellow one but recently, one our the tree in our backyard gave orange coloured jackfruit. It is very sweet and tastes very good. Nowadays, we are coming across many vegetables and fruits that has a variety of colours and looks very good.
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    Being a housewife and also house chef, I am fascinated by the colours of some vegetables like carrot, yellow & red bell peppers, tomatoes, turnips etc as these are used for decoration purposes.
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    Since the yellow and red bell peppers in the photo were extra ones, the next time we used them was with beetroot added. Do try that combination; it's really good. As Shampa said, colours in a meal do entice us and we are likely to sort of find them more delicious than just one type of vegetable. Even in the case of a salad or a fruit bowl, when you mix some combos it's a lovely sight.
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