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    Remarks can motivate or demotivate students

    Besides the marks or grades, every parent looks at the remarks in the report card. A teacher should give a remark in such a way that it motivates the students. The negative remarks too should be presented positively within five to six words. These remarks can motivate and sometimes motivate students.

    Can you imagine some positive comments to be written in marks card or report card?
    Write at least five precise (five to six words only) comments.

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    Words can make or ma a budding talent. Proper and relevant words said in an encouraging way can go a long way in motivating people.
    As the topic is regarding comments on academic progress card, teachers should especially to write motivating comments. If a student scored low grade instead of writing very bad, poor etc the teacher can comment 'his time pass in two subjects. Study well and pass in all subjects next time'. 'The student can definitely improve and score good grades with a little more attention and work.'
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    Good performance but he is having scope for further improvement is a good remark which will give motivation. When you first appreciate the achievements the student will become positive and then he will take the next words as suggestions.
    Well done and wanted to see still a better performance is another way of motivating. Then the student, as well as the parents, will get inspired by seeing well done.
    Don't worry, you are much better than many other students. Try hard nest time you will have much better results. This is also a way of motivating the student.
    If a teacher says what the worst performance and I never expected from you. the student will get upset and do much worst neat time.

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    A few remarks remain as a mark in some student's mind. Do you have any such memories as scars in your life?
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