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    For success, interest and liking are to be converted into passion

    We are going through a tough situation. The number of qualified persons is becoming more and more every year as comparison to the number of jobs or positions being created in our country. How can so many people be accommodated. This is the most difficult and complex challenge that Govt is facing today. Many people are doing courses of their interest and liking but become sad and depressed when the results are not commensurate. I feel that simply interest and liking would not make the things to happen in a successful way and one must convert these basic things into the passion which is nothing but devotion for the education or carer what one likes. This would definitely work and bring success in the lap of such people. Let us convert our interests to our passion. Please share your views.

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    If there is a mismatch between supply and demand (less vacancies and more number of qualified candidates) underemployment can happen. People who do not get the job for which they are qualified may have to take up some other job. A good portion of these employees can get disenchanted also. However some shine in these jobs also as they realign their attitudes and induce passion in the job they got.
    There may be hundred employees in a particular section who all are qualified and who had got the job of their liking. But all of them may not be achievers or innovators. Passion, focus, urge to do more and more, to be different to achieve the goal, to give the extra etc are needed to be extra-ordinary and above the average.

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    In some advanced countries jobs are available so people need not to exert much but in our country because of large population we have to do extra labour.
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    Rightly said by the author. When we get interest and liking towards anything the inner urge to convert that into success is called the passion. Suppose you have started a difficult drawing and decided in the heart that you must complete the same by the evening come what may in the middle. In the process your interest is gathered more and concentration on every detail of the drawing would draw more like from yourself because you are getting more perfect over the creation and if some one see you making of the drawing from beginning would surely say few good words on the effort put and that would give further fillip to your hard work of drawing and thus the final output is going to be super duper as you have not only put your time and energy and also drawn the same with great passion and that is converted into a successful drawing.
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    Whatever we do in our lives whether to earn money or to get a job or to make a career or conceive any other ambition like that then the first and foremost thing for getting success and good results in our lives is that we should be passionate about it.
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    I agree with the author. Only passion and a strong will can turn impossible into possible. No matter how well equipped and skilful we are, until we believe in ourselves that we will succeed, we may not reach or acquire what we want to. Only those who are passionate in their lives can become successful. Those who are only ambitious but do not believe in themselves cannot succeed.

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    Actually passion means the real zeal of determination and will to do a thing.
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