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    What would you like to change if given an opportunity

    This is the tendency of human beings whenever they see something happening near it around them which according to them shouldn't happen, they think in their minds that they wouldn't have done that in such a circumstance.
    Like a member from the opposition party always denies or speak against the actions taken by the ruling party similarly we often think to change the verdicts even if it is given or granted by God or nature.
    If we see a dog chasing a pigeon and almost succeeded in nibbling one of its wings still we will run behind the dog and try to rescue the poor pigeon from the strange hold of the dog. We do it quite often even after knowing that nature has created the food chain like this. We, being humans, often want to change something or the other in our system or anywhere.

    Suppose you would have been given an opportunity to change one thing of your choice what would you have changed and why?
    Kindly tell whether you would have changed the female from delicate to strong or anything else you would have done? I would appreciate if you don't come out with answers like," I won't change anything" as everybody has the willingness to change something or the other.

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    If given the power, I would have slowed down and taken back the world to black and white era where everyone was at peace and lived happily with minimal basic facilities. It was the era where the air was clean. We could bend over and drink water from any water body without thinking twice that it might need any filtration. It was the era where everybody would wake up before the sunrise and would go to sleep just after sunset. So, yes, I would like to see the world slowing down its pace.

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    My weird thought. I should become God. If given an opportunity to change, I would change the man and woman to be one. There won't be any gender bias. There won't be any strong and weaker sex. It will be two in one. Every creation will be able to reproduce. They will be known as' Manonam". All will get labour pain and all will deliver.

    This is mainly to bring equality among the human beings.

    No life without Sun

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    This thread is bestowing an imaginary power on us but who would not like to conjecture. It is always a nice thing to imagine. Given an opportunity I would go for eradication of poverty from the globe. There is too much difference between the rich and the poor. A poor person wants to work but there is no opportunity and even if the opportunity is there the remuneration is very less and is below the standard. As a general note poverty eradication might require a lot of efforts and support from the world Govt and people but it can be made to happen if there is a strong will behind this noble cause.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A good thought about the black and white era where there was peace between people and relations but that was the time when there were no medical facilities even. A simple disease became epidemic then and lots of people had to lose their lives. Do you really think we should go back to that era?

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    Sir, don't you think if both men and women would have become self sufficient then the love and understanding between the two most powerful creations of god would vanish and disappear. They would not care about each other then and the feelings and emotions would certainly disappear then.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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