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    Our good habit is bad business to someone else

    The world is now so commercialised that everything is viewed on the basis of business and profit.
    Tradition, religion and health and hygiene require us to cultivate and follow good and hygienic habits. It is difficult to make people discard their bad practices and make them follow good hygienic habits.
    Everyone is aware of the total closure of all liquor shops and bars for some time during Covid lockdown. Though some quarters predicted dire consequences, nothing of that sort happened and on the contra many families became happy and peaceful due to the non-drinking of liquor by their members. Ironically it was the governments who were in a hurry to reopen liquors hops and bars citing revenue loss. So now they are open. Everyone knows this.

    But I am now referring to another no so publicised matter. As Covid precaution people have to wear masks compulsorily. Moreover they were prohibited from spitting in public .Large number of Pan-Beedi shops remained closed due to lockdown and lack of business too. All this resulted in people almost leaving the pan chewing (Betel leaves chewing) habit.

    Some of the news headlines which appeared during May 2020 are:
    "With tipplers smiling, paan lovers too seek the favour""Bihar: Corona virus lockdown hits Betel leaf farmers in Muzzaffarpur""Lockdown impact: Paan shops closed, betel vine farmers suffer" (from Orssa)"Betel Leaves of Bengal lose their crunch""COVID-19 lockdown puts Kerala's Betel leaf growers in tough spot"

    Some even doubt whether there will be "Pandemonium after lockdown ends"

    Probably this was not thought by us. Members may have many more such examples where our good habits cause loss of business to others. How ironic that bad habit gave business and profit to some!

    (This is my Eleventh Thread for A Thread a day Challenge)
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    It is true and I would like to cite one more example of a good habit that is undoubtedly causing a loss to others. Many of us prefer junk foods which are not good for our health. Like smoking and drinking, people take junk foods knowing that they are not good for health. Now this situation is forcing many to stay indoors and also most of the shops selling junk foods are closed. If we can persist with this particular habit then there will be no junk foods and there will be no business for the sellers of those junk foods.

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    It is true from the author that we must avoid some bad problems which can affect other people life. Usually, nowadays we need to wear a mask and this will be our usual routine in the coming years. The pan beedi shops and all the street shops have been closed which causes more job loss in the future years. Most of the people do not have any money to sustain in their life. Our main bad habits were spitting in public and this behaviour has changed due to this virus pandemic. We can hope such bad habits will not have any impact on other people, but we must make sure that our carelessness will not have a bad effect on other people.
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    Many people used to eat Pani Puri. The selling people will dip his hand in the liquid and serve the Puri with that Pani. In normal times also eating that item is never suggested. Now because of COVOD 19, those shops are also closed. Nothing happened. But once the lockdown is released again the sale of that item also started. But many people stopped eating. But still, some people are eating that item. Are they not aware of their health problem? If we stop eating junk food many vendors will be at a loss. But our health is very important.
    That way lockdown helped many people to stop their bad habits. But as mentioned by the author, there will be a revenue loss to the government. But if good sense prevails in public, they never bother about revenue loss to the government and they will worry about their health.

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    In this regard I wish to bring a interesting revelation made by a person who visited our home after long time and she is more interested in making style statements with modern dress, modern footwear, modern accessories and even she looks modern. What she said that after the advent of covid and compulsory wearing of masks she could not show the fashion statement of the costly lipsticks shades she uses and being covered the face with the mask always the lipstick stains are damaging the costly masks and she has to go for new one. This is very suitable answer to the author's post/
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    Today because of Covid-19 menace, as people not consuming outside food from hotels, restaurants, street foods or having tea from outside tea stalls. So lakhs of people depending on these jobs are severely affected because of changed good habits of people. Similarly most of the people not visiting Saloons because of virus fear and thus barbers loosing their income. So Covid-19 bringing changes in the lives of many people.

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    @703279, Masks hiding lip stick is an interesting but valid example.

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    I also fully agree that our good habits are disastrous for some business houses. But they are thriving because in this world few people adopt good habits while most of us carried away with the masses. It is only due to the strictness in the present crisis that some people under force are compelled to observe good habits but once this phase is over they will be first to run to the shops selling such addictive things.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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