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    Food items that are forbidden to be mixed and eaten together.

    Food is an item that is essential for our survival. God has provided us many food items for human consumption. But there are certain things that are not known to us, and we consume it unknowingly.

    There are many food items that cannot be combined or mixed and eaten together. If done, we are likely to embrace some diseases and suffer in our life. We may have to spend a lot for the cure. There may not be any cure at all. We may have to live with it.

    According to my experience, I have two things that should not be mixed and eaten. They are Fish with milk products, especially fish with curd. If eaten, it would cause serious skin disease.

    There are some other items that is forbidden to be eaten together.
    Fish with Curd
    Radish with Fish
    Radish with Milk
    Basil with Milk
    Honey with Ghee
    Meat with Castor oil
    Milk with sour items

    Do you have anything to deny and disagree with?
    Do you know any other food items that are not to be mixed and eaten together?

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    One simple combination that is forbidden but yet so commonly overlooked is food and water. When we drink water while having food, it will digest our stomach acids, and it will slow down the process of digestion. Thus, we should drink water 30 minutes before or after having food and not along with food.

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    I agree, and also disagree with you. While food is like fuel, water is like a lubricant. Hence, we cannot completely do away with water while eating food. We need to add little water for the food to get digested easily. We should not take water in bulk during the meals, but sip the water while eating.

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    I agree with the author that these food items cant be fixed and eaten and it can cause rashes on our body or skin disease can be affected. It is better to have food which is having low digestion and don't have more over food at night. Eat food items which are low in fat and which will not be harmful to our body.
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    This kind of prohibition of edible items more likely is based on heresay transmitted far and wide from people to people. I don't know if all these myths are medically prohibited.

    Once I was having fish with a Bengali friend in a hotel. As you know that Bengalis always prefer fish. After taking the food he asked me if I'd like to take tea because he knew that I was fond of tea. I replied that I didn't take tea after taking fish because of milk in tea (I was forbidden to take tea, milk and all items made of milk by my family). He laughed and called it my ignorance and claimed to take milk or curd with fish.

    I think how we accustom our body it works accordingly. If we refrain from eating anything for a long time our body will resist to take it but if we don't create any prohibitions for ourselves we will not face these kind of problems or diseases.

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    Since we are pure vegetarians, in the list given below except milk, honey, ghee , curd and radish we do not using anything for cooking purpose. For us the milk us used for making sweet payasam and milk sweet cake. Honey is used when we make the detection for the corona drink. Ghee is used for preparing sweet items and that is very rare. Curd is used daily as the meal ends with the curd rice. And radish is used to make the sambar during the season. But what I feel that Radish and drumstick combination of sambar would be awesome and if some onion pieces are added that would enhance the taste of the sambar further.
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    Each ingredient has certain basic characteristics. Ayurved details these. Some are acidic, some alkaline, some are sweet, some sour, some bitter etc. Then, each food has its effect on the three Doshas- 'Vatam,Pitha, Kapham" indifferentways. Some increase Vatam, decrease Pitham and balance Kapham .Some others behave in different way.
    Hence it is prescribed to avoid combination or sequence of foods that are not compatible and good to the body. Those which are opposite to each other are Virudha aahaara, or contra foods. As per the various properties and characteristics Aurveda classified Virudha Aahaar as Dosha Virudha(based on their effect on the three doshas), Veerya Virudha,(based on potency) Samskara Virudha( based on preparation) Kaala virudha (based on season) etc.etc.
    For example one should not take cold water immediately following drinking something hot or eating something hot. One should not take any sour foods with or immediately on taking milk. Honey should not be taken heating it. Ayurved also describes the harmful consequences of consuming virudha ahaara.

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    Many people have the same thought that certain food items do not gel well and should be avoided as it can cause some discomfort later or give rise to some diseases and suffer in a later stage in our life. There are many papers and study done on this and even have details in Ayurveda but very few are familiar with the fact. Many people still do not know about food or foodstuffs that should not be combined and go on mixing it which may not give direct impact but as we move forward, it may affect our body. Many recipes have a combination of may ingredients that are forbidden but due to lack of our knowledge, we add them to improve the taste like the banana milkshake, having curd at night, Chicken and Yoghurt but yoghurt are often used to marinate chicken, etc.
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    It is true that certain foods can't be eaten together. Milk and curd should never be combined and drinkYou can add a little milk to curd.But you can't add a little curd to milk. The milk will get spoiled. The milk will get separated as liquid and solid. This solid people may be using for making rasagulla.
    If we add any sour items to milk milk will lose its taste and not good to drink.

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    In Ayurveda certain combinations of food are disallowed based on their effects on the body. In earlier times our saints and scholars had made some great observations and done research to conclude the harmful effects of some food and people accepted them and took those precautions of not taking them together. Later the knowledge of Ayurveda was limited to some knowledgeable people only and the common masses were taking these precautions because they heard it from their parents who learned it from their parents and so on. So it is something of original nature but carried out with the generation to present time.
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