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    Do you support the view of declaring zero academic year for school going students this year?

    Slowly Indian students have got acquainted with online activities during the Covid-19 pandemic yet the penetration of digital learning has been minimal in various parts of the country. Even some urban parts in the country are unable to access digital learning and the power fluctuations contributing their bit everywhere. Certain Districts still contribute for lack of adequate facilities and improper administration and their activities are only limited to WhatsApp forwards from their departments and institutions.

    The so-called efficient Private Institutions which are minting money for all the years and re-oriented their educational concepts of teaching with techno mode to prepare the students for IITs/AIMS/Civil Services etc., from 7th standard onwards, have already started online classes for their students without any compromise in their fee structure. Unable to access online classes, some students belonging to rural part who have inadequate facilities feeling left behind. The scenario is different when it comes to Govt. schools and colleges due to lack of necessary equipment and internet connectivity for both the teachers and the students.

    While online classes have to be stay focussed by parents too as the students may tend to get diverted, the in-school activities would be completely under the control of teachers. So, many Educational activists feel that the government's decision to reduce the syllabus to reopen the schools is not correct in view of the pandemic. Instead, they suggest that this academic year should be zeroed up to secondary level classes and let the young mind enjoy their childhood.

    Do you agree for this zero academic year suggestion for the students?

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    For the first time in the history of India, the education department gone for a six with total confusion and the students are put to lots of stress and uncertainties. The new trend of passing en mass without writing exams is something against my wish as I know it takes guts and lots of hard work for the students to obtain merit and now they are going to sit with those who studied nothing and passed as a fluke. And being this year be the zero academic year is forcing the parents not to go for any online education instead sending their kids to the tuition of next class with the teacher of their own school. And having paid the fee the student is enrolled in the school and thus during the exam if held, the student would appear through school only. So this way the parents are not going to waste the year for the children.
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    Already many state boards declared that all the students will be promoted to the next class without any examinations. Now they have to start reading the next class syllabus. Whether students can follow this or not. Some parents already started sending their children to tuition so that they will understand the course well as they got promoted to the next level without reading the syllabus of the lower class. So there may not be any impact. But the demand for seats for the next course will increase and it will be a festival for many colleges. Rich people will pay more money and admit their children in higher classes. But the standard of education will come down and what they will do after passing is a big question mark. A boy we failed in intermediate is getting admitted into a professional college for BE? B Tech. You can understand the difference. Instead of that asking the students to study the same class for one more year might have improved their standard of education. But no one wants to waste one year.
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    When there is not much activity why not call it a zero academic year? They have reduced the syllabus for the academic year and there is a hue and cry on that issue. Many educationists also suggest changing the syllabus to make it rational. The most important thing is what the students learning. The structure of the syllabus is such that, the teachers have to complete the syllabus within a specified time irrespective of understanding the subject by the students. Mind it, here teachers have the responsibility to complete the syllabus within a specified time and the students are supposed to gulp it down and regurgitate in the examination hall with high hope of scoring well. Very few will ever think of changing the system and the business will continue as usual and we will also debate on whether something is right or wrong without addressing the specific issue.

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