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    About honeymoons, rendezvous and celebrations

    Young age is the most exciting and pleasurable period of human life as that is the time to go for courtship, make new relationships, enjoy the relationships and if it culminates in a life long commitment then get married and go for honeymoon, travel places and fly in the sky with great feelings and having love all around in the air. That is not the imagination of a poet but the reality which was going on before the onslaught of the present pandemic. Now the things are changed. There is no socialising. Celebrations cannot be done. Tourism is a risky proposition. Hotels and restaurants are closed or not in a good shape to visit. There are no places where the young could meet and enjoy as freely and as carelessly as earlier. So, there is a paradigm shift in our lives. Even if one marries one has to be confined to the house or the area. The atmosphere is subdued and melancholy. What are the feelings of the newly wed people? How would be they thinking about it? What are your views on these changes in the society?

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    It is the fact that the new normal life has to be accepted against all our wishes and we have to confine to the limited activities socially and that is the order of the day. There is no honey moon for the new couples as the marriage itself being conducted with limited attendance of guests with less extravagant and I really like this shift by force. And visiting of the newly wed to their in laws house is also restricted and those who have not attended the marriage has to get satisfied with the photos shared on the social media. There is no rendezvous or celebrations of any kind and even the famed Bonalu festival of Telangana is cancelled and the government asked the devotees to celebrate at their own home. Surely the equations has been changed and we have to change ourselves to the new adapted situation.
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    Is it a must to go on honey moon after marriage? Did our grandparents or great grandparents go on honeymoon after their marriage? There used to be invitations to them from friend and relatives for dinner in the relatives' house. They had to visit all relatives and have dinner there. They had to visit their ancestral temples and village deities.
    We can say that the times are different. Yes, exactly that.
    Even now each couple have ther own choice. Some go to Switzerland, some to Ooty or Goa, some may go to Leh and Ladkh too. Can we say this is good and that is bad? So these are all relative and personal.

    We have to live according to the times, circumstances and priorities. We may innovate some way to be as happy as in a honeymoon. It is left to the newlywed couple to decide and choose. We should learn to live within constraints too. But hope for the best.

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    Honeymoon out side the home is not a must. East or West, Home is best for Honeymoon pleasure and joy. The purpose of the Honeymoon trip is for the couple to interact freely and understand each other better without any interference from the family members. For this, we need not go to Switzerland, Ooty, Goa, Simla, and Ladakh. This can be enjoyed within our home. The couple can visit nearby cities and stay in a five-star hotel for a few days. It is money-rich families spend their money on a honeymoon trip for which they will have to spend a lot on the journey only.
    Should we spend Rs.1.50,000 to eat Indian Biriyani costing Rs.150 at Switzerland hotel?

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    Honeymoon concept was not there in the lives of a common man during 1980s and 1970s. But later on, this concept picked up. People have to confine to their homes these days. This is due to this COVID 19. Even marriages also got postponed. There may be some marriages in August but they can't go for any honeymoon. They have to enjoy their married life in the house only. But the only thing is the others should see that they will have some privacy and they will talk to each other openly and understand each other well. If everything is alright and still if they want to go for a honeymoon they can go even after one year also.
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    It is difficult for the newlywed couple to adjust to these tough situations in their life. Actually only 25 or 50 people are allowed to be there on the wedding day. The people coming to the home previous day has been decreased and now most of them are afraid to go to another because of the growing pandemic cases. The concept of Honeymoon has now been changed and we are restricted to our home itself. The newlywed girl needs to understand this phenomenon and must adjust to the current situations. When the pandemic erases out from the country, then it will be good to go out for a drive or to a particular place. Many of them are postponed their wedding for a year or two because of increasing the COVID cases. The wedding photography industry has also been hit and many of them are not even getting a photo shoot for the wedding. We can hope that this industry will be back to a normal situation.
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    It is a very good occasion for the newly wed. Marriage is a relationship bonding the families than persons. Since people are confined and are staying within their houses most of them, it is not less than an expensive trip outside the world.
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    Traditionally marriage is a life time celebration and naturally in this situation the sentiments would be subdued. We have to take it in its stride.
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    I think in this pandemic situation it becomes the foremost duty of all the citizens and especially the young people that we all should sacrifice our opportunity to observe fun and frolic in family functions. We can resume that once the normalcy returns.
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