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    When they know guilt through inner consciousness but say clean life

    Whatever is happening in Kerala is getting more curious as the gold smuggling through the organized diplomatic channels has baffled the country and there is a allegation that gold is being smuggled to fund terrorism. This is very grave charge and the Kerala government should come out with the clean chit as to who is responsible for this gold smuggling and who are behind with this big racket. NIA has taken over the case now and new information lead to targeting the CM Pinari Vijayan to resign for his pleading ignorance at the first instance.

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    The case has certain big questions on political governance, political propriety, political accountability, political morality etc. The case exposes the double standard of politicians when they are the ruling party and opposition.

    The present CM who was in opposition a few years back used the 'Sarita case" against the then Chief Minister and the opposition parties shook the whole state with continuous agitations. The allegations against the then CM was based on morality as some junior official has some connection with the accused Sarita who cheated a few people in the name of Solar energy facilities. There was no loss of eve a single rupee to the government. The accused was not a government employee and the case was a private one of cheating. However the opposition then very shrewdly use it as a weapon against the then CM ad ruling party.

    However now the case involves loos to the exchequers as it is smuggling, it involves relationship with another country, it may have anti-national connections, one of main he suspects is employed in a job connected to IT department of the government, getting payment sourced from government, and the person who is Principal secretary to the present CM and also the IT department secretary is alleged to have extra-official relationship with alleged a\ suspect woman, the woman is absconding etc. The same IAS official in the CM's office (IT secretary) was also in the middle of controversy in two or three major matters of using extra-official powers and these were agitating in political circles o last few months. The Chief Minister had strongly defended him in all those times.

    So there is a very strong doubt and suspicion in the minds of people about the functioning of the present government, especially the Chief Minister and his office. It is quite clear to the people that the CM is eating his own words and version which he used against the previous CM. Now he justifies himself with the same arguments the previous CM defended himself. The case is stronger and more pointing to CM's office now.

    However it is doubtful whether the present opposition can encash this 'golden' opportunity. There is another practical difficulty for them to organise large rallies and protest programmes in the situation of Covid. The government also use very shrewdly the Covid situation to block any opposition programmes.

    There can be multi dimensions to this case. We cannot be sure whether there will be a faultless ending and conclusion knowing and disclosing all details and dimensions. We may hope that the agencies entrusted with investigation may unearth all details behind the case and bring to book the brains behind the operations along with the ground level operators.

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    True. This is real big controversy. The Chief Minister of Kerala should get the enquiry done in an impartial way and prove his innocence. The news says that the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister and also the IT department secretary is involved in the case. The same person is having some allegations on him. So the truth should come out. We will understand the facts only if the enquiry is done impartially. Let us hope that the people who are involved in such a big scandal will never get support from any ruling party and he will be punished suitably.
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    It is true that the case in Kerala related to Gold Smuggling is getting more serious as culprits can have international link with this case. The case is now managed by the Customs and as well as the central agency NIA. NIA has started the investigation and has filed the FIR report which involves three culprits who have a direct link with another person whom the Gold brought to Kerala through the diplomatic bag. The relation between two countries is involved and it can harm the relation and the UAE government has also started an enquiry at the consulate where the culprits where former employees of the consulate. Each day the news about this lady is coming and she tends to have some Bodyguard protection and the police to tend to have given protection for this lady. Even the IAS officer has not been suspended so far, and he has gone for leave which means that Kerala police are giving protection and the police have not registered a case so far. The CM of Kerala earlier had put words against former chief minister Oommen Chandy in the Solar case, now the same thing as emerged in the LDF government. The people will lose faith in government if they are not going to act properly. Some have doubts that present DGP has worked in NIA as Operations IG, so he can intervene in this Gold smuggling case.
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