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    Attempting Risk in Life

    When we are born into this world, we are following some customs in our life. First, we are in school for 12 years, then we are following a life long decision to enter into the college, then after that we going for a job. When getting after job many of them are used to it and after three or four years, they are getting married. After marriage life, we tend to adjust with it and usually, we do not attempt any risk in our life. Mainly it is due to our discomfort in learning new things and updating and some believe it tends to loose our previous job. Have you taken any risk in your life?. Are you updating or learning new things in life?. Flow your comments and suggestions on the topic.
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    Every one of us is different. Those who love to take risks do it no matter at what age they reach. I have seen people changing careers in their fifties, and they are doing it willfully. I have seen people who like to be at ease, even in their twenties. Thus, playing safe or taking risks is something that is part of the personality. But yes, people usually slow down and play safe once they are married and have a family of their own because they don't want to risk their job due to the uncertainty that is prevailing in the job market.

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    It depends on how you are going to define risk. Going by the wrong side of the road and breaking traffic signals is always a risk but many people do that too. In both these cases, taking such risks will not be of any benefit and one may have to pay some price by taking such risks. But when it comes to career decisions or something regarding our lives, we take risks thinking of the benefit it has. Learning new things and progressing by changing the types of job is depending on your aspirations. Playing safe is a human nature and there is no harm in it but not exploring things will not give you experience in that dimension. We are accustomed to following certain things and that has become our habit. Changing this habit may be a risk to someone and an adventure to others.

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    Risk appetite will always vary depending upon the attitudes of the person. But such a tendency is seen more on the young men especially the bachelors. It may be due to the loss earned is not likely to percolate down to his life partner and the loss can be made up with their pragmatic approach. However, after the marriage, people become slow in taking risks. They would like to play safe in their careers because endangering their careers would mean sometimes loosing the job. After marriage, they are not alone and may be they are on their ways to parenthood requiring a lot of expenses. Hence they are afraid of taking any risky steps once they are married. But it is not applicable to all, men are entirely different in taking decisions and some take risky decisions following adventurous paths.

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    When we are not ready to take risk in life, nothing can be learned and nothing more can be earned. For example take the real estate. If you know some body selling a plot or the flat, and you feel that they are doing a desperate sale, there is a chance of earning through this deal though risky. The deal could be fetching because you have the money and the person selling wants money and now you can bargain for the less price and either you can retain the property or sell to someone but you should make an agreement with the seller by giving formidable amount and gain the confidence of him. Meanwhile approach all those you know who are best investors and want to make assets out of their money lying waste and strike a deal with them with little higher price. The deal is done and you are benefited by taking little risk. Many earned through this way.
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