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    Down a very pleasant memory lane...

    When one is holed up in his or her house for such a long time, it is always pleasant to recollect the lovely times gone by. A near relative of mine took me to the times when we would gather for our summer vacations year on year. It was our ancestral village, a lovely and very green village near Kumbakonam, a temple town, in Tamil Nadu. One can still see a lot of greenery there.

    Our ancestral house was too big. It had a space of around seven thousand square feet. The tiled house had a huge hall, which we would call "aranmanai"( palace). It was a huge hall of around 2000 square feet. On the front side, there used an open place called "thinnai". In those days, this was supposedly meant to cater to anyone who would come and needed accommodation for the night. They would be given dinner and asked to stay on. The "thavaram" was one area that had iron grills and the rainwater and sunlight would be the aplenty, as this was open to the sky. The house had a garden of at least six thousand thousand square feet. I can still remember the superb variety of mangos that we used to get from the garden. You name the vegetable, and we had that in our garden. Even during summer, the nights were pleasant. We would always play in the garden. In the nights, we would go to the terrace and happily sleep.

    The cleaning of the house was left to a few servant maids and they would be fed every day with a square meal. The kitchen had only the age-old mud stoves, but the taste of all dishes was fabulous. The banana plantation was simply too good. Today, everything has been sold as my father and his brother were unable to manage it. Several acres of rich farms were also sold.

    That village is still there, and many houses have been demolished to give way to concrete houses. Our own house has been totally demolished. What lovely memories of those good old times...

    This is my entry for the a thread a day contest for day 11, that is, 11th July 2020.
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    It is true that during the lockdown period we are remembering all our old age memories which we have in the past. I used to travel to my mother's home earlier before the lockdown period and after the COVID 19 cases are increasing it is difficult to travel to the place. I'm sitting at my home and picking up all my good memories which I had done in my younger days. We used to have a Cow and how hard my grandmother cared for him. Later we sold the cow, as it was difficult for them to managed it. We also had a rubber plant where rubber tapping was happening few years back. Due to low income from rubber, the rubber tapping has gone down and it is difficult to move forward with this business. For all the people everyone will be having a life long beautiful memories to cherish in their life.
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    As the population expands, the houses shrink. In the past, people had owned large spaces for living as well as agriculture. They constructed vast houses with too many bedrooms, halls, and enough space around the house with kitchen gardens, playfield, water pools. But what they were missing was the toilet facilities. They used to go in search of a bush to sit and complete their morning routine. Also, they had no electricity but lived with kerosine lamps or other oil lamps.
    With the increase in population, the houses have become small with 3BHK, 2 BHK, and BKs. Such a large houses are not in existence, They have become multi-storey apartments now. Yet we can see such large houses in Kerala.

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    Even in parts of the agriculturally rich districts like Tanjore,Mayoadauthurai, Tenkasi and Tiruvannamalai we can still find such houses. These are still tiled. Unlike the good old days, in many of the houses, one can still find Western toilets. These toilets are increasing day after day, as most grandchildren and their parents live in the USA or UK. When they come back to their native places, they have a good time in their ancestral houses.

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    Yes. We are sitting in the house and not moving anywhere. So we are having some free time. That is making us go into our past and get the memories of those days.

    My both grandfathers (Father's Father and Mother's father) were having very beautiful and spacious houses in their own villages. In my mother's father's house now there is 6 double bedroom house. All are independent houses only. That property was sold off long back and the new buyers constructed houses there. That big was the house.

    My father's father's house got completely collapsed and it is almost 5000 "Square yards" not" sft." That house belongs to their three brothers and there was a dispute and that is there as a wasteland. My father and his brothers left that as they have to spend more money to sort out the problem and in that village, the land value is very less.

    Now nobody is having such big houses due to the increase in the population and the rates of land increased many times. But in East Godavari Dt of AP in some villages still we such houses. All the lands are very fertile there and people are rich.

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    It is very true that we all have restricted up to four boundary wall of houses due to covid 19. In such situation, it is automatically people's mind goes on old memories. Every year we entire family used to go my native place. There my parent's house is very big. There are ten living room, two kitchen and two terrace in that house. But, very small family residing in that house. Earlier, joint family used to live in that house. Most of the member have shifted outside because of job and marriage. When we were child then we used to have fun a lot with sibling due to spacious house. Neighbour's children also used to come in my house for playing. Now, most of the living room remain closed as nobody is there to live in. Day-by-day, as population increasing very few houses are seen so big.

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    My Grandfather had a big house. He divided his house into 5 parts and gave them to his 5 sons. My father got a share of it. It was the kitchen of that house. My father told me that his forefathers had 100 acres of land in my village. Now no one knows what happened to those 100 acres of land. Since they kept their wealth secret and died, none of their successors could trace those land. Alas! we lost them. Someone grabbed them and documented them on their name. We tried our best to trace them through the sub-registrar office, but could not.
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    Nostalgia overcomes us especially when we are not very busy. They are all mixed thoughts of happiness and loss.
    It is ironic that even though we would have cursed our fate living in such discomforts then, now w will only have good memories about them.
    We would have felt ashamed and inferior when we were financially not good and had to put up with lot of inconveniences deficiencies and 'somehow' life. But now when we look back we see them bright and beautiful memories and feel nostalgic. We feel we miss something.
    What an irony of life!

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    We all get connected to our village life of the past and get into emotions because we left the place long ago and those who liked and loved us and even took us on the shoulders are no more and the homes which were old and yet strong has now given way for concrete buildings. I can remember my father's house in which total six joint families used to reside and that village is called Tadhampettai in Kumbakonam district. Today I believe the place is famous for the thermal power station and many new Industries and the complete village has been changed to make way for new development.
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