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    Today is World Population Day.

    Today is World Population Day. Let us discuss whether the population is on the increase or on the decrease.
    Leave alone the world population, let us first discuss India's population.
    Is the population is growing or still or diminishing? In the past, when there was less population, people were interested in improving the number of family members. They gave birth to a dozen children. After experiencing the uncontrollable increase in population, we adopted population control through family planning. The government implemented a family planning program with incentives, and all started following the slogan - We two have two. Further, owing to financial difficulties, families started reducing their production and made it - We two have One. Now we have gone to a stage to say - We two, have none.

    As observed by me, the population is growing by 18 crores in one decade. But the period from 2010 till 2018, the increase is only 12 crores. I observe a drastic reduction in the increase in population.

    If this is what the state, what would be our population after a few decades. Will the population grow or diminish ?
    Presently, the population in India is about 136 crores as per census taken in 2018. What would be the population in 2050 and in 2100 according to your calculation?
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    I wish all the members of ISC a happy population day. We Two ours Two or We Two ours One is reasonable for the present situation. But we Two ours none is advisable. We should have at least one child. The wife and husband will be together for long if they have children. Children are the common assets fro both wife and husband. So if they have a child at least their thinking maybe more towards together. So I feel every couple should have at least one child.
    The rate of population increase has come down but not become Zero. But it is not uniform all over the world. Somewhere the population density is less and in other places, it is very high. It may touch 200 crores number by 2050 and 300 crore number by 2100. There is no logic in my numbers. Just it is a wild guess. If somebody asks what is the basis, I have no answer.

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    The population is on the rise and the situation has come to such a phase that if people are not aware the population may explode. Rather than any celebration on this day, the message of controlling the population and its significance must be spread throughout the country. Actually, this has to be done throughout the year and not on a specific day. The observation of the author regarding the growth of population per decade and the growth between the period 2010-18 is not going to reduce the population in any way. The growth rate may have declined but it is still growing strong. It would be very difficult to say what is going to be the population by 2050 or 2100 but at this rate, India is surely going to overtake China in terms of population.

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    It is true that the population is on the rise in India. During the lockdown period, the estimate has been calculated that the newborn babies increases during this lockdown. It is true that in every family, there as husband and wife and they have one or two children and we cannot complain it because the existence of the family has to be done and after that, the children will become adults and they have a child and it goes on like that. Due to the increase in population, the bringing up for the family is very difficult as the job market is slowing down during the virus. We need to exist and the people around the world will survive this condition, but the main problem will be the income generation. By 2050 and 2100 there will be around 300 to 500 crores will be the condition.
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    Due to family planning measures and other considerations the families are shrinking in their size as regards to the number of members and many people are marrying late also and in addition there could be many other reasons for this decrease in the rate of increase of population.
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