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    What is your filter to see life

    What is life? All of us will have a different definition to describe it. Some will say, it is a bed of roses, others will say it isn't. Some say it is full of thorns and very few roses. For some, it seems full of hurdles. For some, it will seem a roller coaster ride. For some, it is just a journey, and it has to be crossed in one way or the other. If asked where they are headed to, they don't have a definite answer. All of us have different descriptions of life. I am sure everyone will agree that there is some mystery to life as there are unsolved sections of puzzle or it may be because we are ignorant of a few things.

    Who should we approach if we want to know about life? Who is going to give us the exact definition of life? We human beings respond to everything. Our responses are our experiences. We see life through that filter, the filter of what we experience. The ones who have better experiences here will see life as a smooth journey. Those who have experienced only obstacles and uneven terrain will see it as a roller coaster ride. Thus, in a real sense, we do not define life, we are instead, defining our inner state.

    How do you all feel about it? What does life mean to you? Have you all solved the puzzle or still, it seems mysterious to you?

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    After reading this thread, I just took out my dictionary to find what is life as per the dictionary. It simply says that life is the ability to grow, breathe, reproduce. Yes. The dictionary is right. That is what we are doing now. We are, breathing, growing and reproducing. Among these three activities, breathing is natural and is cared for by our creator who made us to take birth on this earth. For growing we need to work hard, earn, eat and live. For reproduction, we make a family. During this process, we come across many hurdles like unemployment, sickness, unhappiness, inefficiency, deficiency etc, etc.

    But the very purpose of life on earth is known only to God who created us.

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    Life can be described as the way you like and that will be based on your experience. I feel life is mix of good and bad, happiness and sorrow, difficulties and easy moments. On Ugadi day in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, we make a special dish. It is a practice here to eat that first on that day and then go for other foods. This dish is having all six tastes. Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent, Astringent. There will be at least one ingredient for that taste in that dish. This is to say that life is also a mix of various emotions and feelings. I believe in this. Difficulties will not be there always and hurdles will not be there always. Sometimes we will get the result easily. Sometimes we struggle. Some times we feel happy and sometimes we will have sorrows. Sometimes we will be active and sometimes we will be dull. But we should be balanced always. Getting excited easily and feeling sorry easily should be avoided. We should take all equally and continue our life which is the gift of God.
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    I do not use any filter to see life. I always like to see it straight and in the original colour and brightness. I do not generalise life with a single experience also. As far as possible I like to see others view also. I seek others view also if it is not my exclusive matter. We all may suffer from lack of exposure in certain matters and hence our view and opinion can be deficient. In such cases it is always better to seek opinion and suggestion from others or get more details on the matter from those who now about it. But when my opinion is sought I express it according to my knowledge and experience and am ready to amend and correct if needed.

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