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    Discuss: To forget is a boon or bane

    To forget something is generally considered as a bane in our society. The students who forget something are considered as dull students. But to forget something is generally good for our health. The memories which hurt us should be forgotten to live a successful life. So, we see that to forget some unpleasant things are boon for us.

    In your opinion, is it a boon or bane? Please discuss your opinion in this thread.

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    Some times really it is a boon. Sometimes it is a bane. If we forget important issues we have to be ready to hear the scolding either from the boss in the office or from the boss in the house. So it is a bane. For a student forgetting what he studied is a great bane. He will try to remember as much as possible. In our life sometimes unwanted things may be happening. We should forget them. But if we remember them and go on feeling bad for those happenings is a waste of time and no use. If we can forget them at the earliest it is a boon. When we are happy and the issues which made us happy, if we remember them it will be good for our body. So forgetting is a bane. When we go out of the house somebody in the house may want you to bring something. If you feel that that is a waste item and costly, you may skip purchasing that and comeback. If they forget what they told it is boon to you. Otherwise, it is a bane for you.
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    Forgetting the day to day facts can cause lots of hurdles as things will not be get done on time. Our forgetting habit will pose lots of problems in our life. As far as hurt is concerned, it is better to forgive. Forgiveness does not demand to forget. If we forgive, we will automatically wipe away all those facts and incidents which created hurt in us and we live happily. On the other hand, if we start forgetting, we will not only wipe away everything that hurt us but also good memories of our mind. Thus, it will be our loss.

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    It can be boon because we don't need such feelings to hurt our mind. We have grown up from difficult situations and we don't like to remember or doesn't want our children to be part of it. Most of the families won't tell how much their parents struggled in their critical times. Some families may educate their children on how they have grown up and how they faced such struggled situations in their life etc. We must live in our present situation and must forget what has happened in the past because past things cannot bring anything in our life.
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    It is not good to forget everything. It is not good to forget important matters too. Memory is a quality of health and youth. Lack of memory cans point to some ill health or advancing age.
    However most of us forget one or other thing when we have a lot to think and do. But we should know to prioritise and ensure that we do not forget serious and important matters and our forgetting do not cause any harm or loss or damage to anyone or anything.
    However in rare cases it happens that we forget something and it actually leas to something good. We can attribute them to fate, good luck or God's kindness. But forgetfulness should not be cultivated as a habit. There are certain things we should not forget. For example we should not forget those who helped us whence were in need. We should not forget who stood with us when we were suffering alone. If we do such thing then God Himself will not forgive us

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    Forgetting is neither a boon or a bane. It is a disease that won't affect our physical health but affects our mental health. It is like a defect in our memory system. Everything that is stored in our brain is like apps available to us for installation and cancel. Try and keep the forget apps uninstalled, and install it as and when required. Don't delete it permanently.
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    We all are born with an aptitude and an important work which god has allotted us. We all have some motives of our lives which we want to fulfill before we commence with any other project.
    Usually in the race of life we gain many experiences some are sweet, some sour and some even bitter. But every experience teaches us something either a moral or a lesson. We shouldn't forget these lessons and morals of life but if we forget the bad experiences of our lives, our lives could be a bit more interesting and innovating.
    But what people practice is that they forget the lessons but not the experiences which often let them down morally creating a negative impact on their lives.

    Before thinking about forgetting something just ponder upon the thought when god created us, he brought us to a beautiful earth, a pleasant nature, a mesmerizing atmosphere. That means he gave us all beautiful things and a wonderful atmosphere around us. That means he wanted us to be optimistic in nature. He wanted us to carry a positive mind and a blessed heart.
    The answer is quite clear then, we should forget all those things which create a negative or pessimistic impact on our lives and always remember and retain the positive aspects of our lives.

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    Human memory is a very peculiar entity. For some items it appears so strong but for some other items it appears neglectful. Sometimes we have to try hard to remember things while at other times they come out so easily. So it depends on the importance of the things that we remember or forget certain things in our lives. If we are too much sentimentally attached with a person it becomes difficult to forget. So, forgetting is not exactly in our hands because as per its rank and importance the mind will keep it fresh and alive. The human memory is different from the computer memory in that sense only. So one has to do efforts for forgetting as well as remembering things by principle of excluding which says that remove unimportant and unnecessary clutter from the memory.
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    There would be mixed reaction to this thread. What I feel that we must forget the bad memories of our life because they would be haunting us for ever and that would cause the health issues. But we should not forget the good moments of life because it would be the energy booster for ever and feel like elated and appreciated on such memories. And there are people who does not forget the good and bad memories and they feel forgetting is either boon or bane for them. They wanted to live the life as it comes in and does not have attachment to the past memories of good or bad moments.
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    I think we should not have a very strong memory as that would load our mind too much as we would remember all sort of things including the bad behaviour of other people with us and would worry about it.
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