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    If there is one hundred per cent inspiration and no perspiration!

    You are aware of the famous quote of Thomas Edison - "Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration". It meant to say that hard work has much to do with any major achievements than intelligence or mastery. Not everybody is genius by birth but with hard work and perseverance, one can accomplish many things. This is true and there are lots of examples like that in and around us. Though there is a fascination among many for the term intelligence, I feel intelligence has got to do something with awareness and making a quick decision based upon a certain situation. There is a lot of analysis of the activities of the intelligent people and maybe that's why people found ways to become intelligent but are there any analyses with the activities of people whom many regards as a fool? Though I do not prefer to refer to someone as a fool, it all depends on the activities of a person under various circumstances. We have generalized things in many ways and think that one must possess a level of intelligence to carry out some activities in their daily lives. If they do not possess that level we regard them below par. You may give them one hundred per cent inspiration to attain some level of intelligence by telling them many inspirational stories and citing real-life examples but it can be found that many remain the same. It is because they do not carry out any action on what they listen. They do not wish to perspire to get things done. So can we say that if there is one hundred per cent inspiration but no perspiration one cannot be termed as intelligent? What do you say?

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    It is true that we have seen many inspirational stories in our day to day life, but we do not give a hundred dedication to it. We do not need the advice of a third person to start work, but we must initiate the work at our own comfort and must take challenging tasks which showcase our profile. There are people I have seen waking up and reading newspapers and then just walk out and sit at a comfortable place to talk with jobless people. Such people will always cook stories about other people and such people will not have a future in their life and also in family. Teach our children how to overcome problems in life and must give them an example of their parent's so they can be innovative in our thoughts. Make an effort to learn new things in your day to day life. It can make your self prepared for unexpected problems which arise in life.
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    There is only one thing that can fall into the category of result nil perspiration. That is winning a lottery prize in a gifted lottery ticket. Or getting a large amount of money as inheritance. But usng these also need perspiartion or some efforts.

    All other things need some amount of perspiration.

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    A combination of both will work well, in my opinion. No one should depend completely on intelligence, Hard work I essential. But people having intelligence work hard they will reach a good stage in their lives. But an intelligent man if ignores hard work, they may not be successful. Zero intelligence may also give you a minimum pass marks if you work hard. But just intelligence with negligence may not give that minimum guarantee also.
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    For anything to be achieved, only one factor may not for as you need a mixture of everything. If you put in the only hard work but if you have no luck, you may fail, if you have luck but no dedication, you may fail, if you put 100% dedication but no consistency, you won't prosper, etc. If we take any inspirational stories, we will find that every successful person mad a mixture of everything like dedication, motivation, hard work, consistency, purpose, focus, a goal, etc. Anything missing may not help to be successful or not give you a 100% result. The more you are dedicated, the more focused you become, the more focused you get, the more hard work you put in, the more hard work you put in the more motivation it gives, the more motivated you become, the more luck comes your way, the luckier you get, you are more likely to be successful in life. So try to balance everything in required quantity to be successful.
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    From the replies of the members, it is clear that one need to perspire to achieve anything in life and actually it's a combination of many factors. Only inspiration will not take you anywhere and you have to work to make something happen. However small may be the job unless you are doing it it will remain undone. For doing that, you have to perspire.

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    There is no substitute of hard work. Planning, inspiration, motivation, dreaming, being ambitious, thinking much etc would not be of any use until there is a desire to reach the target with hard work.
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