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    Do you sleep with a clove of garlic under your pillow

    However silly it might seem, it is said that keeping a clove of garlic under your pillow has great benefits. For one, you get to fall asleep very easily and your sleep is much more sound and deep. When you get up in the morning, you will feel refresh. No, it is not all that silly; there is a scientific explanation to it. It is believed that when the sulphurous substances in the garlic combine with its aroma, it has a soothing and calming effect on us. The aroma reaches to us bit by bit through the pillow and thus helps in getting a night of good sleep. One or two cloves with their peels on would be sufficient to create the magic. No fear, there won't be any smell of garlic in the room, when you wake up the next day in the morning. Want to give it a try tonight.

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    Good information and I read this information also somewhere. Garlic has many benefits for our health. So People advise people to eat some pieces of garlic. Garlic Pearls capsules are available in medical shops. People who never like the smell of garlic can use these capsules. They are very good for health. I used them for many years. I like garlic very much and we use them in our many dishes.
    But this particular use I never tried. It is a good suggestion and we can try that. The explanation given is very logical and may work perfectly.

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    I don't think it will work to embrace good sleep. Instead, before going to bed, take a garlic clove, peel it and smell it. That might help you to go into a good deep sleep.
    Members can try both Dhruv's method and SuN's method.
    Do it today or tomorrow, but before the end of this Challenge Contest.

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    Good information from the author. I will be definitely trying it from today onwards. Actually from sometime due to hyperacidity I find very difficult to fall asleep. However, I use garlic in food preparations. But about this use i was totally unaware. Thanks for sharing the valuable info with the good explanation.

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    Thankyou Sun. Your idea seem good too. It can also be tried.

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    This is one of a great idea in falling asleep, my grandmother used to say this frequently. If we are having problems with our sleep trying this idea will help to overcome our problematic situation.
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    I see similar things coming in Whatsapp as forwarded messages. The person who forwarded would not have tested it for himself. Most of them are blind forwards. The author of the thread also says 'it is said', 'it is believed' etc. I would like the author to test it for himself and come with his verdict. He may do the test for a few days .That will give a consistent result.
    I am not going to test anyway until a few people confirm its efficacy. But I know that Garlic can repel insects and mosquitoes. So there is some logic in using garlic near our bedside.

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    Dhruv, have you tried it yourself?

    I decided to try it out from 11th to 15th every night and did not find it effective. I did not fall asleep instantly or easily because of it. It was like sleep on any other night, nothing special.

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    There are many home remedies which are effective and help us to prevent ailments as well as sometimes help in curing the ailments. So far so good. Now there are hundreds of things being suggested by people for keeping well or getting a sound sleep or getting prosperous in life or getting success in love etc and people try them blindly and in most of the cases there is no benefit but there could be some cases where benefit was accrued and those are the people who start advertising these things and that is how these things finally spread among the masses. The small number of people benefited are due to the statistical variations and they would had been benefited otherwise also.
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    Well, I didn't try it on myself. Touchwood, I don't generally face any trouble getting a goodnight sleep. In fact, I can sleep anywhere. I often sleep reading a book, watching television and even while simply sitting on the chair. Moreover, I am awake till 11:30 or 12 in the night, not only because of ISC but otherwise also. At that late hour, as soon as I throw myself into the bed, I fall asleep. So, didn't feel the need to try it. Since, so many others are not that fortunate with their sleep, thinking this might perhaps help them, I posted this unique remedy here.

    I was also sceptical, whether it will work or not. Now at least we know, it can fail.

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    We do not use garlic and that is banned in our house. Hence I cannot either test it or report it.
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    Oh! NO. Useless advice to connect Galic with Brain to get sleep through the pillow. Even my direct application of Garlic smell prior to going to bed did not work.
    Let us forget about Galic sleep. Take two or three garlic cloves, chew them and drink a glass of water. It would be good for our health.

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