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    Balancing both are very important

    All people in this world will have two things which never can be overlooked. They should maintain a balance between both these in their lives. Then only they will have a fruitful journey in this world. One is family life and other is professional life.

    Somewhere I heard a mother asking her 25 years old daughter to call her "mother". The answer given by the daughter is When I need a mother, you wanted your career. Now when you want a daughter, I want my career. So let us meet in the office. This situation we are seeing in many families. Both wife and husband are employed and going out leaving the children to the servant maid or putting them in the child care centre. So the bonding between parents and children is coming down.

    I feel for all both are important. We will be happy on all fronts only when we can take care of both the issues. We should see that we have time not only to our profession but also to our family.

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    Nowadays in most of the families both husband and wife are working and i don't think that they are not trying to make a healthy bonding with their child. Time constraint may be there. But today's parents are more aware about it. A woman not only love her career but also her family. In my case, I am working full time in a company and still I take quite enough time for my family. And I think anybody can manage it with little efforts.

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    Now-a-days, it is a big question in front of most families that how could make balance between family life and professional life. Today women and men both are working. So in such situation, it is not easy task for women to manage house as well as office. I have noticed that many working women cares about their house very nicely. They are giving first priority to family despite being working. I think, mostly women love their family and does everything whatever possible in life. Some working women profession is as she would not have time to take care her family. So she keeps either servant maid or live with grand parent for taking care.

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    Balancing both the family life and professional life is both important and needed also. I have seen some people in the garb of work from home they are neglecting the works that has to be attended for the home and this becoming the target of abuse from others. On the other hand those who are having lots of dedication at the home invariably to late to the office and even keep the works pending for want of time because they spend more time with the family and not with the pending works. Both kinds of these people need to be tuned down and give the lesson for balanced work on both sides.
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    Nowadays we can see that both husband and wife will be working professionals. The bonding between the daughter and parents are going down day by day. Now the children will not understand the dedication given by the parents and when they understand it the time will change. There are daughters who love their person and avoid the parents and go with the person they like it when they understand they are cheated it will be difficult for them to overcome the situation. Take some time to have an interaction with our grandfather and grandmother, so that they will learn the important decisions to take in life.
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    It is really a tough time for the couples to manage both their kids and the jobs assigned to them from the office. Especially during this lockdown period, when the jobs are to be done from home, there is always distraction from the job if the kids are not responding to the instructions. The situation becomes unmanageable while paying attention to both the activities. The kids are not in a position to understand the seriousness of the office assignments. They demand their own timing and as a result, the assigned jobs get delayed to be completed. Hence we need to strike a balance between the two so as to have the least chance for the complaints.

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    Each one of us has different roles in different contexts. In job we may be boss or a junior employee. In family we may be the head, or one of the young or old members. We may be father, mother, grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister aunt uncle etc. In our society we may be the Chairman, secretary etc. We may be holding positions or be members in the church committee, temple committee etc.
    So we have various roles. We have to perform our roles in all of them well.
    As each on of us has only twenty four hours in one day we have to judiciously prioritise and earmark our time for each of our roles. As career and family are more proximate and interrelated the career-family balancing becomes more important. If we are not able to learn the balancing act and maintain an optimum balance we may lose in either one or both. So we have to do justice to both and manage the balancing properly.

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    Unlike the olden days, when men working outside their home worried about their career, the women worried about their family. In the present days, when both men and women are working, both are interested in their career as well as maintenance of family. Of course, it is very difficult to maintain the balance between career and family.

    To maintain a good balance, we need to be with the family of our parents and reatives who will be helpful to us. Career in office is easy to maintain, but caring the family would be very difficult without the help of other family members. The couple has to be too busy in managing their office and family affairs and keep it balanced.

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    The point raised is very touching and true but is difficult to balance in a nuclear family where both the couple are working professionals. In olden times, we had our parents taking care of the children and once their parents return, they would look after their needs. For grandparents, their grandchildren are dearer to them and looked after them with utmost care. They were more close to their grandchildren, loved them, taught them good morals, habits, stories, food, etc what cannot be compared with babysitting or maid taking care of your child. It is difficult to compare the difference as everything is changing and it is really difficult to run a house when only one is working. If you have government jobs, it is fine but in private jobs, the timing is different and odd so keeping track of children every time is difficult. Now, if we say that one needs to compromise and give up, it may be difficult to make both ends meet and thus balancing both family and professional life gets difficult but it's not that it cannot be applied. For people who can balance both family and professional life should try their best to keep the balance as it is what gives satisfaction in the later stage. The example quoted by the writer is very true in many cases that we read in print.
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    Making a balance between personal life and professional life is not an easy task. It requires great efforts and calibre to distinguish between the two and then take appropriate step in one's life.
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