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    The glorification of encounter is an indication of an ill society.

    Recently, a gangster who had been in activation mode in killings, extortions, and other such crimes got apprehended on his surrender, and the very next day he got killed. After his killing, a huge proportion of people on various social media platforms are justifying the act in the name of instant justice. The encounter has been termed as the very effective means of killing criminals but by killing criminals if crime gets vanished then we would not have an increase in crime rates after having thousands of fake encounters in place.
    The gangster was operating for over a decade and had already killed one politician in police custody itself so it was almost apparent that he was just some wolf who was nourished by our politicians and was killed when he went rogue.
    But I don't have a problem with the game that is being played by powerful people. The thing that worries me is that the people glorify the act the same way they did when Hyderabad encounter happened some months ago. They need to understand that the increasing encounter and that too unofficial show the glitches in the police and justice system. The punishment amidst the public is the direct challenge to the constitutional structure that is meant for every citizen and even the highly notorious ones. The proper judicial examination has to be done even to the people we think don't have any right to live. The wrong precedent would set if we get to glorify the encounters which would save us from questioning ourselves as the society. The new normal, if it becomes, would be the most effective weapon to be used by powerful to crush the opposing powerless as well. The saviors can go rogue in that very context.
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    I am also following the news that a gangster who has created lots of crimes on the police and look out for him in four states has created sensation when he was picked from a temple at Ujjain. Though encountering him and shot him dead is not acceptable as he was not even handed over the to law to get punished and he chose to run on the way when he was shifted to UP from MP. On the way he tried to flee and shot by the UP police. Now different versions of his death has been debated. But a wrong doer has been killed and that is good for every state which wanted it. But a thorough investigation has to be conducted and bring truth before the public.
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    We have seen that the Gangster has killed many police officers in the U.P, so when the police caught him they finished him off. There are families which depend on the police officers, we have to understand it properly. If a gangster dies, what is the need of crying?. They are not making any good for society and simply wasting public money and looting the government. There are law and judiciary in the government and everyone must follow such rules to work in the country. There have been cases that law and order system in the country is not up to the mark, as gold smuggling are returning back to our country with more ease. Such unaccounted money can be used for the distribution of money between terrorists.
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