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    Web release of movies will count more lucrative henceforth?

    Many films which were about to be released in theaters since March 2020 onward, have been put on hold. All the biggies in the bollywood, tollywood and even in Bhojpuri film industry are struck by this situation caused by Covid-19. Many parts of India have got the clearance for some businesses in Unlock-1 and Unlock-2. But the unlock for drama house and theaters are not likely to get into action in near future.

    On the other hand, many film stars are opting for web series and film release on Hot Star, Amazon Prime, Voot, Zee5 and YouTube. Amitabh Bacchan, Sushita Sen, KK, Abhishek Bacchan, Manoj Bajpayee are some of the top names who are ruling their fan's heart with these alternate trending tool in entertainment industry.

    The film makers seem to have accepted this big change. Web release of movies will count more lucrative henceforth? Can the audience also accept this new form of entertainment?

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    When there is no other way one has to accept the available means only. These days small screens are also big and there are home theaters also. As such web series release can be a good alternative. People are very much interested to see new movies. So they will come this and once they got adjusted to these web series they may stop going for movie halls and continue seeing on web series. The change will be easily accepted by the people.
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    Web release cannot be an alternative to the cinema world. If we are releasing it online it is for people who are sacrificing their daily wages. The people who are working in the industry is really huge for such people to withstand we need to release the entertainment in any form of channel. There are many producers who are looking to release the film only in theatres because they fear that they will not get any theatres after that. Even if theatres are open, only 30 per cent of people will be able to be there. It will take time for the people to adjust to this condition because many of them have lost their jobs and struggling to find some odd jobs for sustaining our family life.
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    Lucrative for whom? The people acting in the movies, the Director and the producer will benefit because they will be selling the rights to online streaming sites, who in turn will rake in profits because people will sign up for monthly or annual subscriptions to watch those movies. As Ajai indicated, there will be a whole lot of people who will lose out. There are the film theatre owner and the staff employed there (the ushers, the canteen staff, the cleaners, the security people, etc). What about the people related to promoting a film? Event management firms and all those working on such promotions will lose their income. So the filmmakers and viewers comfortable with watching the movies on their TV screens may be agreeable to it, but at what cost? I for one love watching films in the theatre, especially in the company of others, even though currently am enjoying them online as well. Somehow that theatre experience just cannot be replicated at home.
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    The movie lovers and avid movie goers would now see the movies in web only and to that extent it is a good proposition. Only thing is that the thrill of the big screen would not be available. Further, as Vandana has also indicated that many of the people would lose their jobs which is the worst part of this shift. Unfortunately such damage is happening today in many areas due to ongoing pandemic situation.
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    There is a big difference between seeing a movie in picture hall or on TV. So, the new movies now would be seen by the people on TV or web only and as there is no other course available, one has to satisfy with it.
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