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    Is it good to be an extrovert or introvert in the present day world?

    Extroverts are persons who speak off everything without giving importance to inner feelings and thoughts. Introverts are persons who do not express their feelings and thoughts outwardly and are mostly shrink from social contacts. Extroverts are more comfortable in social situations while introverts are more good at understanding people and social behavior. Introverts get more attention and honor than extroverts as they don't unnecessarily talk and disturb others. Introverts sometimes feel jealousy of extroverts as they were not able to express their views openly at the right time and thus they are loosing in some way.

    a) Is it good to be an extrovert or introvert in the present-day world? Why?
    b) In what ways extroverts are better than introverts?
    c) Introverts or extroverts-Who are more successful in their life according to you?

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    After reading this post my preference would be neither extrovert or introvert but be calm and listen to others. By being extrovert you will be constantly targeted by the others to share more and say more. By being introvert, you will be teased by others to learn how to live in the competitive world and do not sulk with attitude of not knowing anything. And by remaining calm , we can access the performances of both extrovert and introvert and take the decision of moving with others accordingly. This world is having all kinds of people and being calm is something very gifted for the few and they are most benefited.
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    I have seen extroverts as well as introverts who did well in their lives. So I can't say any of these two traits are good. A person who can act as per the situation will be always successful. Always keeping my without expressing yourself may be good sometimes. Sometimes we may have to express ourselves and should not hesitate to say our feelings and opinions. So we should have both the qualities and we should use them when it is necessary to use. Such persons will be more successful..
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    An extrovert is always able to articulate himself and is able to get across to others easily. He or she will automatically develop a taste for getting along well with others; most extroverts have a good sense of humor and have the ability to make any atmosphere light with their jokes. They also have the ability to network with several people who would be known to them for several years. This helps them to be resourceful.

    Introverts, on the other hand, do not possess any of the aforesaid qualities. They never mix well with others. They tend to keep to themselves and are essential loners. In today's world, if one is an introvert, he or she will never be able to make a mark. Extroverts will easily grab all the attention.

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    I think the middle path is always better. Watch the situation and behave accordingly. If the situation seems to serious where people are engaged in the project works with full concentration, you need not be unnecessarily extrovert since you would invite heavy criticism for such a dealing.
    Extroverts attract the crowds, make friends fast and have the capacity to get along with the circles. Because of their good expression, they are good at the representation but it does not mean the introverts are lagging behind the success. They, too, have made mark in their careers.

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    Extroverts get immediate attention and admiration. But what is needed is good character and behaviour. An extrovert may be able to capture the attention of even strangers easily. He may get more acquaintances. But how to sustain them depends on the character and behaviour. Extroverts can shine in jobs and fields connected with contacting more people. With proper training and behaviour, they can be very good in front offices, PROs marketing officials etc.
    Practically there will not be a totally introvert or totally extrovert. The degree only varies.
    It would better to be pleasant and friendly, but not dominating; properly reserved too if the situation needs that.

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    Now according to the current Pandemic situation, I would prefer to be Introvert. As the COVID cases are increasing every day and it is gone to 300 or 400 in Kerala. It is not wise to go out in public and the people can be confident in either way and it depends on person to person. Earlier it can be Extravert person, as we were able to go outside and can mingle with people around our circle. Now the situation has changed and it will be good to stay safe from our home and can do our Work from Home.
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    Being introvert is a kind of disease as specified in the subject of Psychology and one should try to get away from it as far as possible. It is something like living in a self prepared well which is the source for various ailments like depression and inferiority complex.
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