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    Education system of our country

    sometimes i wonder where the education system is leading us. why we are not taught about life skills, managing our emotions, feelings and having a better self control? why have our education system decided to teach us only bookish knowledge and not teaching what is really important in life. we as children and students also need to understand our duties. and why do teachers and parents hesitate to discuss some issues with their children. there are many questions which need to be answered. but the first step of breaking all these stereotypes is forming a bond of trust so that we can share everything with our closed ones.
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    Today's education system needs to be changed and only the spoon-feeding system is happening in the country. The syllabus taught in the schools and colleges are not updated. If such is the situation, our children will not reach anywhere in their career life. We must dedicate more time in updating our skills and knowledge every day. We need to learn more from other people and also from the society.

    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    These days bookish knowledge is only taught in the schools. Teachers will always think that they have to complete the syllabus. This is the attitude of many people these days. In earlier times teachers used to teach the values and their importance in our lives. Now that dedication is not there either in teachers or students. Parents mentality is also very different these days. Purely marks, ranks, certificates and jobs. How you are earning is not important. Earning is important. Nobody thinks about the importance of moral values and ethics. These issues should be taught to the children of your age only. Otherwise, there is no chance they will learn these. So the education system should change and the syllabus should have some related to topics related to the above-discussed points also. The relationship between student and teacher should change and more dedication from teachers is required.
    In addition to that, the syllabus should also concentrate on imparting some skills that are useful to him in getting a job and he can have a peaceful life.

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    Education itself aim at self awareness, self control etc. In schools and colleges we are from different homes, different places, different environment etc. Hence we learn to live as a common group with same purpose and aim, a team etc. The sense of sharing and caring member's of the team or group gets instilled in us. Competition to excel in the achievement of the goal task gets into our mind. There are many such aims of education which we inculcate automatically. Even questioning the system to make it better is also a result of our education.
    To find fsult for the sake of finding fault is not good, but it should be a churning to bring out the cream from it.

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