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    Walking barefoot is useful for health

    When I was in my early teens I happened to see a man who never wore shoes or slippers in his entire life. He was tall, strong and sturdy. It was said about him that his sole was too thick and stiff for any thorn to be pierced into.

    Lately I was reading about walking barefoot and I found it as highly recommended by medical experts that sometimes we should walk barefoot as it is very useful for body.

    It decreases white blood cell count and increases red blood cell count which improves immunity and also it decreases blood thickness which reduces the risk of heart diseases especially heart attack. Walking barefoot in early morning on green grass with dew gives freshness to mind, improves eye sight and memory.

    One of maternal uncle was a wrestler he would always ask women of household to let small children play in mud as it made their bones strong and would ask child's mother to take care of the child lest he should take mud or pebble in his mouth.

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    We were not wearing footwear in our school days. We were walking only barefoot. I started wearing footwear regularly only after joining college.

    However it is not advisable now days to walk barefoot. There is every chance that we may injure our feet in some way. As the surroundings and roads are not so clean as in early days we may injure our feet, we may get some infection etc. The city roads have become very dirty with sewage and waste contamination and all kinds of dead ad decayed matter getting strewn around. There can be dangerous matters like metal pieces, broke glassware and many other matters which can pierce and injure our feet.

    Even inside our homes, the modern variety of tiles does not suit many people. People prone to rheumatism feel discomfort and burning sensation in feet on those tiles especially during winter. So no many people are wearing socks inside homes too.

    However if you have a clean and well maintained park or garden with grass or good walkway to walk on then walking barefoot is okay. I used to walk on the lawn grass barefoot during early mornings in winter about four decades ago.

    Leg is a significant part of the body which has to be taken care well as the nerves there connect to other vital parts in our body. Those with diabetics should be extra careful to avoid bruises and even small injuries to their feet. Foot care is important for diabetics. Ayurveda also gives importance in caring foot.

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