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    One bench, one child, can this system work?

    Recently the online classes have taken up the prominence over the offline classes. We had also discussed the pros and cons of online teaching. Viewing the present trend, the need for regular classes has been considered effective by a few state governments, so they have planned to start high school especially ninth and tenth standards in the green zones only.

    They have planned to implement one bench, one child rule along with safety measures like masks and sanitizers. Can this system work? The primary and secondary school is still working through online classes. The strength expected per class is limited to 15 students

    Can the school manage the infrastructure and teachers, if the total strength of students is 45?

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    I support the idea of one bench one student. But I do not recommend the reduction in the strength of the classroom. There can be a double bench one top of the other to have 30 students instead of 15 students. The classroom has to be designed in such a way to accommodate benches one top of the other. Where there is a will, there is always a way.

    The sides and rear side can have double benches. It will not obstruct the views of the teacher and student.

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    The idea is good, but the implementation of it will be difficult. Suppose class ninth has two sections and each section has got 45 students. To maintain the rule of 15 students in a classroom, then one has to divide all the 45 students of class ninth into three classrooms. Managing the space will be a matter of concern. To teach one chapter, a teacher has to explain all the sections separately, so completing syllabus will be again a difficult task. During the break, how to keep the students away from each other will be another problem.

    I feel classrooms can be managed by holding the ninth and tenth classes on alternate days. Then again, it will put pressure on teachers to complete the syllabus. Many school buildings are not that big, that's why classrooms will be a matter of concern. Starting school with 15 students in each class would not be a suitable option, in my opinion.


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    One bench one student system may be working. At the same time, what is the distance between the two benches is also to be seen. Recently WHO announced that there is a chance that the virus may spread through the air also and recommending six feet distance between two persons. As such the distance between two benches also matters. Presently the spread is on maximum level and we should be more careful in our works. Sending the children to schools is a little risk. Many parents may not send their children to school. So one should think and take a proper decision.
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    Where there will, there is a way. Where there is a compulsion, also there will be a way. A way has to be made if not already there.
    One bench, One child can also easily work out if we think and act towards that with a purpose and reason.
    We had almost a similar system when we conduct examinations, when candidates are allowed to sitapart from each other. That time it may be either one bench two students or one bench one student.

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    I really appreciate your views. It is understood that when we have a problem, a solution really exist. We only require to look into it in a different angle.
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    The system will not work because the pandemic is increasing in every state and it is difficult to make the students exposed to it. As the online classes are ongoing and for now it will be like that for almost one year. In the classroom teaching during this pandemic, one child per bench is not feasible as the strength will be less. It will be difficult for the teacher to take the class only for a few people and coming to school for taking a class is not feasible. Even it is good to take class tests online and one teacher can collect the papers from the student's home. One teacher or two can be a part of this initiative but we must take the preacutions before going for such work.
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    @ Ajai B Maliackal
    This regular classes are related to green zones where there is no steps of corona for the last one month.

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    It will be good and possible to manage as there will be 45 students which will be accommodated in 3 classrooms. Now primary and secondary classes are running online so only some teachers are busy so the remaining teachers can teach those students and classes will also be free and there will be enough space so I don't think that there will be any problem to manage it.

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    Since the school already has the infrastructure, only the maintenance should be taken care of. Moreover, the students can listen and follow instructions much better than the primary level students.
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    In this pandemic situation, it is not that easy to conduct classes by any means. For conducting exams only, High Court of Telangana asked the government, do you give a guarantee for the life of students? An education institution involves so many people like the management staff, office staff, students, visiting members of the school, the transport staff coming from different places. Students of any age when gathering at a place definitely come close together playfully. It is not easy for anybody to maintain such an expected discipline. Reducing the number of students in a section makes the administration a great headache and become heavy burden for the teachers. Conducting green zone students classes and for other zone students, no classes make education uneven. So it is better to continue with online classes so that maximum students get benefited.

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    It is possible to do that but the main problem is social distancing before the class and after the class. Recently it is observed that when lockdown was lifted people started to move out in great numbers as if nothing happened and everything bad related to virus threat was over. So, until this mindset is there no such scheme is going to work. The students would come out of the class room and mix with each other as usual.
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    One bench and one child concept can be adhering to the social distance concept and that is required also, but the students would not be liking to be distanced from other classmates. Students do not have that much knowledge and wisdom to follow the social norms because they have not seen their friends for so many months and on seeing them again they would like to cuddle, mingle and even insist to sit with them. In that case the school management cannot control the urge of each student. What I suggest that the bench should be long enough to accommodate two student comfortably on the either side of the corners so that they would feel the friendship and at the same time social distancing norms are also followed. This is the challenge time for the schools one they open and how far each school is planning is seen to be believed.
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    I had read a joke in which they say, the idea is good but the smell is bad, in the same way, the idea of One bench, one child is good but very difficult to maintain or bring into practice. If we imagine a class strength of 40 students and if each class will have to keep only 15 -20 students, they will require 2 - 3 class for each and if every class is having 4-8 division of 40 each. It gets to (40 x 4 = 160 students or 40 x 8 = 320 students) and if the class is made of only 15 / 20 students, it will be like ( 160/15 = 10 or 320/15 = 21 class) which is practically not feasible for any school or management. Now, even if you manage the class, how can they manage teachers to teach as we class increases, so also the teaching staff need to be increased.
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    I welcome the suggesstions of members in throwing light on the pros and cons behind the implenentation of one bench, one student scenario.
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