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    Day 1: What is stock market and its functions?

    What is stock market and its functions?

    Stock market is a market where we can buy and sell shares or stocks of a company.
    Mainly there are two stock markets in india a) National stock exchange(NSE) and b) Bombay stock exchang(BSE).

    There are two ways to buy share of any company. First is through Initial public offering(IPO) and second is through secondary market. Buying and selling of shares is done in secondary markets through stock exchange. To buy and sell shares in stock market you need a demat and trading account with a broker registered on stock exchange.

    Initial public offering is done when a company offers there share for the first time to the public to buy.

    If you have any query please do comment in the comment section, I will answer it. Please try to keep your query short and simple and do not write comments to appreciate.
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    Thank You for the Class on share market.
    I have Rs. 1,,00,000/-(One lakh). I want to buy some shares of a reputed company where I can multiply my money.
    What should I do?
    Explain step by step procedure to be followed.

    No life without Sun

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    Dear sun,
    Rs. 100000 is a good amount to invest and start in stock market. My first advice for you is never invest in lumpsum.

    To start investing and gain good return you need to learn about how these things work and have some knowledge about the market behavior.
    And never take tip from anyone.

    Soon I will explain step by step procedure for investing.

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