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    Nature's natural sheen

    There are people with green thumbs who like to make the leaves of their plants shiny and, on looking up how this is done, it seems one has to use a combination of milk and water. Looking out of the window when it rains, though, you can see how nature naturally gives leaves their sheen. I get awed to see leaves, small or big, drenched with the shower from above.

    At other times of the year, all we see are dry leaves covered with man-made dust and pollutants. Some beautiful flowering trees are a wonderful sight for sore eyes during the summer months, but right now, it is in the monsoon season, that you can get to really see green greenery - literally its green hues, in all its glorious, breath-taking natural beauty. Unusually bright green leaves, an unexpected flowering bud, a tiny bird, all blessed with big, fat drops. Don't miss it!

    Get away from your work table and head to the windows of your home when it rains and do call others to share that beauty. Check this out-

    Shiny leaves

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    This is the beautiful season when we see tender yellowish-green leaves, twigs fall out and birds shred their wings with springing water droplets. These scenarios are a festival to the eyes.
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    True. These days when I get up in the morning and come out of the main door and see around it is very greenish around. All the plants in our small garden, green leaves and different colour flowers on the trees making me stand there for a long time. Meanwhile, my wife calls me and we both may spend some time by enjoying the beauty of nature. These days it has become a routine daily and that is giving a pleasant mind. That feeling is a very pleasant feeling. For me, greenery is always attractive. I like to me in the midst of green.
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    Monsoon is a great time to enjoy the greenery of the nature as well as the beauty of dust free atmosphere which is so rare a sight nowadays due to pollution and dusty days. One single glimpse of nature is sufficient to rejuvenate us for the day.
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    Here's a photo of pink buds on a Hibiscus flowering plant that is growing in the compound below my window. Each morning when I open the window, I look down to see if the buds have bloomed and take a photo when they do. This photo you will need to look at more closely to see the pink hue since my phone's camera is nothing great.
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    This picture reminds me of the natural beauty which we have on our earth. This monsoon season is a good climate to enjoy the beauty of nature. At my home, the main plant is Nutmeg which is having good greenery and give more fresh energy for our life. Nature's beauty is increasing day by day and can give more from it.
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    Ajai - you could share a photo of it.

    Today morning I was delighted to see a bud had bloomed -

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    Sometimes language makes the difference. The feeling would be the same but the expression of thought needs a good command over language, particularly when we are describing the beauty of nature. Really it would be a nice scene while peeping through a window or looking from balcony when it was raining. I always enjoyed the scenery along with the little children making paper boats and trying to sail them on the surface of the rainy water layers.

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