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    What is the age up to which people can comfortably work?

    All of us would become old one day and a stage would come where we would stop working especially going out to work. Some people take retirement early around an age of 50 only and stop working saying that enough is enough. While some people are working comfortably even up to 80 years of age or more. They stop working only when their health does not allow them. What is in your view the age till which a person can work comfortably? In my opinion around 75 years is quite good an age to finally retire from active life. It is risky to engage in active work after that as if some eventuality happens outside, help would not be easily available. Of course one is free to do some little tasks in the house as per one's liking. What is your opinion about age up to which people can work?

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    It is completely a variable factor depending upon many things. If a person is doing mental work like teaching then he or she can work till last whereas profession related to physical stress cannot be done beyond a certain age. This certain age also varies for different people, a completely healthy person can work longer than an unhealthy person. My father was in a government job and he took VRS at the age of 55 because he is handicapped. When I was in 8 or 9th standard, my science teacher Ms. Ila was suffering from some cancer and she came to school till her last day of life. In such cases, the determination of person matters.

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    It depends on the financial condition of a person. A wealthy man need not work after 50. A government servant retiring with pension need not work after 60. A person with too many children need not work after 65. But there are poor who need to work until their death.

    There is no age limit to take rest. As long as you are physically and mentally fit, nothing can stop you from working.

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    Necessity will be the deciding factor. If there is no necessity of earning, you can retire from your job and think of doing some service in any possible way. In my opinion, after 60 years we should not have full-time work. We should be working more in an advisory capacity and see that we will have some free time. But in the case of some people where there are no pensions and where they don't have any way of getting their necessities fulfilled they may be forced to work.

    After 75 years it is a curse if somebody has to work for their livelihood. As we get age our expenses will also come down and we will not have any additional expenses except day to day expenses. Of course, this statement may go wrong if health is not in order. We should not think we have to work hard and pass on huge amounts for our children. We did whatever best we can do. Now they should take care of their lives.

    My opinion is to retire from full time working once we are 60 and work on a part-time basis on advisory capacity till 75 years of age and after that, we should take complete rest and spend time with family members.

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    It depends upon the person and how he can manage his work properly. Even if he is healthy the person will continue the work and I have seen after the retirement people are working without any problem. They haven't sit idle in their home and such an attitude brings them to be competent in nature. We can see that the young generation must learn from their Grandfather and Grandmother because they have struggled in life and have brought up five or six children. The young generation can make their identities comfortable by making their life like old people. After 80 years it is wise to take retire because at that time it will be difficult to cope up with the situation.
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    People can work up to any age as far they are healthy and their faculties are working normal.
    We had and have active politicians (legislators or parliamentarians too) who are/were above ninety and even nearing century. Recently I read a new about a person who died peaceful in his sleep that was more than one hundred years and was working on a book he was writing even the previous night.
    Recently we read those two women-one ninety eight year old and another hundred and five year old- were conferred with Nari Shakti puraskar by our President. Eminent lawyer Ram Jethmalani was attending court even in his nineties. Morarji Desai was 81 when he became Prime Minister. Padma Shri awardee Meenakshi Amma - Kerala's oldest woman Kalari Gurukkal is a practicing Kalari teacher in her seventies .
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    Those who are working in government jobs usually retire at the age of 60 or 65 years. After their retirement, they have sufficient pension to lead their life peacefully. So it is better to take rest at that age onwards after retirement. Experienced doctors can give their service at least partly to the society. But people who belong to private organizations cannot get hefty pension benefits like the government organization. So they have to work further after retirement to serve the needs of their families. No government is seeing proper pension planning for such people. Those who earn on daily wage works have to work till their death for their bread. So up to what age one can work depends on the feasibility of their economic condition.

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    If a person is healthy then there is no problem for him to work up to say 80 years or even up to more than that. There is absolutely no issue in that. It may be noted that he might not be working for money at that point of time but to pass his time constructively and actively. A rich person can stop working at any time and why at 50 or 60 years. If one inherits a great wealth, does it mean that he should not work during his young age also. So money is one criterion but definitely there are other reasons and considerations as why people want to work even during their old age.
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    The answer to the post would vary as per the situation. I would agree with many of our members comment that nothing can be said. As long as we are physically and mentally fit, and the condition arises to earn for a living, we will have to work and nothing can stop us from working. As mentioned, many take VRS at an early age and stay happily at home enjoying their later life, some work upto their retirement age, some retire and then take-up some doo or part-time job, some work upto 80 years and some till they live. Many get tired and have no strength but have to continue working to make both ends meet and struggle hard for their family. There are some who even after having bank balance have to work as they are thrown out of their home and fighting hard to move on. There are many cases where things cannot be predicted. If we follow the government rule, it should be good for every senior citizen to retire and relax while the next generation takes up their charge.
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    According to the central and state government laws a person cannot give full attention to work or give full work potential to the task given at the age of 58 when the body and the vision would not cooperate and some would lose their teeth also and even talking fluently cannot be possible. But that does not mean they lost the urge to work and still has the capacity to guide the new generation to work. In fact those who retired as the writer in Police station are often contacted to write the charge sheet which must be acceptable in the court for taking remand of the person to a jail in any offence. Not all the police who catch the culprit are capable of writing the charge sheet and therefore experienced writers even though they are retired are approached to take service on temporary basis with some payment to them.
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    We have got good responses and I feel that if a person is healthy there is no limit till he can work.
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