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    Real lives getting affected by reel lives

    The reel lives are usually far away from the real lives of people. They are built completely on imagination and fantasies of writers and are provided hops and jumps by the directors through their action sequences. Whether it is about morals or etiquettes or an action drama or about a criminal or a police inspector whoever is involved in the movie is a fantasized person who can't match the normal real life people.
    Slowly and steadily what we are finding is that our real lives have started taking twists and are slowly acquiring the traits of reel life. A hero who is often portrayed as a person well equipped in martial arts or a good fighting body posture has been usually inhaled by the common youth and they have started focussing on their physique which according to them should be such that if someone attacks they would be able to fight back with valour. Police are always been a most entertaining part of the movies. Previously in Indian movies police always came at the end of everything so it became the mindset of people that police are good for nothing. Later on, police were portrayed in movies as the most corrupted department hence people developed the same feeling for them and even it was found the same in real lives by many. Nowadays police have been depicted as most important part shouldering the responsibilities with complete sincerity and killing and suing the criminals wherever they find them. I need not tell anyone that past one year this reel life of police has been copied by many real life policemen and this has brought many different topics to discussion whether it was about the Hyderabad case of last year or the present case of encounter.
    The reel lives are although quite far from real lives but has certainly affected the present day real lives of people. Today the effect and influence can be good but may affect the future differently hence it needs to be taken care by the people in order to secure their future.

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    Reel life is different. Real-life is different. We should not compare both. The cinema hero can fight and kill more number of people with a single hand. But it is not possible in real life. One should be wise enough to understand the difference between these two. Many people are getting inspired by seeing the movies and trying them in real life. They are getting affected seriously. Many of them are spoiling their lives by seeing these movies. Some people try to imitate their hero and met with problems. Mainly drinking and smoking habits are also increasing due to these movies only. The producers and actors should also have a social responsibility and they should also think and see that unwanted and dangerous messages should not get advertised with their movies.
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    A few decades back we used to get good movies with family sentiments, with good social messages, and with good entertainment elements. As time passed, the producer became so greedy and the purpose of movie making became money-making. From the last few decades, we are seeing most of the movies produced with all kinds of bad taste. The various obscenities and heinous scenes are shown on silver screen especially attracting youth and driving them into bad paths. Many of the youth get spoiled by these movies and becoming useless in life. As said by the author it is true that real life is affected by reel life.

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    Good and bad are everywhere. It depends how we take things. Movies being an audio-visual medium have a great influence potential. Hundred days of preaching and teaching may equal to just one hour of an audio-visual session. That much impact it has on us. So vulnerable minds fall prey to the temptations and glitter shown by the celluloid screen and may become victims. Many are lured b the screen life or reel life. It may take some time for sense to dawn upon them that re life and real life are different.
    Now apart from movies the viral world of internet is also having similar influence on vulnerable people especially youngsters.

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    In the society there are people who simply copy the things from the reel life and then try to mimic it. It is alright but mimicking is not the actual thing. Mimicking like a hero is one thing but if someone comes and beat the person easily then what is the use of that mimicry.
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    Generally young and fashionable people are affected by the things shown in the reel life and try to mimic them. This is not a good pattern but it is a type of infatuation that is very natural in that age but it should go when people mature enough to understand that.
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    Reel life represents real life in exaggerated form. Since movies and TV serials are accessible to a large number of people this is why reel life can affect real life quite extensively.

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    The reel life characters are influenced by some character that the writer has witnessed which he scripts in his story. Many stories are just frictional and can be understood but some are very natural and can be taken as the person next door. Many serials and movies use frictional characters and just elevates the character so much that they are like superpower people who can fight with 10-50 person single-handed without a weapon, some can ride any vehicles, some understands every movement of others etc which is just superficial. There are also stories which are inspired by real-life characters and their nature is what influences the people or masses. Nowadays every serial will have a murder trap, family biting each other, murders are shown as a simple formula, etc and these can give a bad impression. Real lives indeed getting affected by reel live as many do not use their brain and follow the movie or serial blindly hampering their lives.
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    Since, the reel lives are affecting people, their stories should be modified to a level that the heroic characters should be portrayed into complete moral and ethical characters so that even when people mimic them they could develop a good reputation in the eyes of others.
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