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    Go Vocal for Local to save our Health, Wealth and the Environment

    This lock-down has taught a lot to all of us. We have learnt how to manage with lack of facilities and commodities. We have also learnt that we can live with limited resources and save money. As we are living and facing this critical situation, it also gives a feeling that we can cope with these issues and situations. In this time we have also stopped purchasing of unnecessary things due to limited visits to shops and malls, which also saved our money. We should use local products which will be helpful in our farmer's welfare and also our country. Now the time is to implement these things in our lives by going Vocal for Local.

    We can start with our kitchen. Direct purchasing of agriculture produce from farmers can be done, which will not only save our money but also save our health and environment. We can get fresh vegetables, pulses, oilseeds, oil etc. directly from nearby local farmers. They will provide us with natural foodstuff with no preservatives and in non-biodegradable packaging, and even at low cost. Because they do not charge the cost of packaging, preservatives, transportation and expenditure on staff from us as we shall purchase ourselves by visiting nearby farmers instead of big shopping malls. So "Go Vocal for Local" and save our health, wealth and the environment.

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    It is wise to start afresh farm by cultivating the vegetables which will be good for our health. We do not need to buy anything from outside as all items can be done at our home itself. During the pandemic we are not allowed to go out and buying materials from outside is having more risk and we can be affected. Buying agricultural products directly from the farmer's is also a good idea to deal with it. Most of the people are able to adjust to the situations and that is the reason why the vegetables coming from other state has been decreased. The Foods products which came earlier had insecticides with it, so it was not good to buy the product from them. By becoming self-reliant only we can cope with this situation and we must make products our own so that it will have a good profit.
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    People never cared about the environment all these days. They abused the environment very much. The effects we have seen. All odd conditions came on the earth. Human beings though that they are the masters and they can manage any issue. Now we are seeing the condition. The environment has its last laugh. It showed the people how difficult to take control of it. Now everyone is sitting in the houses and managing. No one wants to go out even. They are trying to manage from the house only everything. So now there is an improvement in the environment also. Sense should prevail on all and after all the things are alright also, we should give top priority to these issues. Our health and health of fellow human beings should also be seen. At the same time, we should not waste our money also and see that we can manage life peacefully. But I never know whether the people remember the hardships they are having these days and they may become as usual once things are alright.
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    Wherever the villages are near the towns or cities, it is very much possible to directly buy from them as they ca themselves deliver the fresh products to us. But the problem is when they are in remote places and they do not have means to supply it to our doorstep without the help of a middlemen.
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    A good thought by the writer of going Vocal for Local to save our Health, Wealth and the Environment. If possible, we should try our best to buy local products as it will help our farmers and local people who put in their efforts to make and manufacture products. Along with the people, even the local authorities, municipality and government should help in setting up local markets or stalls that sell fresh goods, vegetable and fruits direct from the farm to the buyers at a moderate rate. This will help the farmers and locals to get good, fresh and chemical-free goods. When such buying will be encouraged, this will help everyone i.e. farmers, locals, society, state, country and environment. Every person will be happy as they will be helping each other and also nature by keeping it chemical-free, less pollution, healthy people, etc. A thought that can save and serve everyone and a noble cause.
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