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    Nepotism in the film industry

    in the recent days people are really angry over the alleged suicide of sushant singh rajput and people have realized that somewhere we are also responsible for this. where were people when his movie sonchiriya released. it is one of the best movies i have ever watched. and how could a man commit suicide who gave us a movie like chichhore and taught us the value of life. he was one of the most underrated actors in the industry. sushant is gone and he will never come back, he was such a gentleman, very intelligent, emotional, kind hearted. the world didn't deserved him. may his soul rest in peace. but now it is the time when we should wake up and need to boycott such people and movies who have always been running this filthy business. tomorrow it could be our brother or sister, our son or daughter. sushant was a very lively person, he had many dreams. we need to stand up for him. we need justice for him.
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    True. Hero's son is a hero by virtue of being a son to a hero. He may not have any talent and acting skills. But he will start his career as a hero, in a big movie where camera and settings and other technical aspects will play an important role. The innocent common men who think that their hero is a God, will support their hero's son also and make the movie a big hit. This is happening in almost all language movies. In Telugu movie industry these days 90% of the heroes are the sons or grandsons of yesteryear heroes. This is a fact. The main reason is the fanfare and the following the heroes are having in mass. As long as this trend is there nobody can help.
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    In the film industry nepotism is very common thing for all the actors whose come from small town and villages not from a rich family . Few days before we saw the real hero shushant singh Rajput who committed suicide just because he was engaged with nepotism. Which was very ashamed. For that incident we also responsible because sometimes we just show the external beauty of actors and actresses and make them our favourite and we start watch all movies of his and her which was not fair. We support and extend that actors who have acting skill not haveonly glowing we should watch good movies not only good faces.from nepotism poor actors who was not from very good family background can't extend in the industry.hence we should support actors and actresses according to his or her tallent not from his /her family background or not from his/her face value.

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    The Mumbai Film Industry which is called Bollywood is highly following favoritism and nepotism and only those who fall in line with the demands of the big wigs , they would get a chance. During my childhood, Vani Jayaram who was having very good period in South was chanced upon to sing in Hindi movies, but the controlled Bollywood was preventing her to perform and thus she came back to the South. Most of the South actress who waned to test their future in Bollywood were reduced to pittance roles and many have even ended their lives for having left the South film Industry. Though the nepotism was present in good olden days too, many actors and actress were sulking and would not bring it out. And now the social media is playing big role in exposing how worst the Bollywood has been playing spoilsport in case in built powerhouse actors.
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