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    Do you love or don't love to be pampered, and why?

    It is a natural human instinct to pamper and to be pampered too. When someone dear to our heart spoils us by showering extreme care, love, attention and gifts, we usually love and enjoy it. Being a lady, I feel ladies expect pampering, but what about the gents, do they enjoy over attention and care?

    I enjoy being pampered but do not have any complaints if I don't receive indulgence from my loved ones. I know some people who do not only enjoy being spoiled but get upset if they don't get over attention. For me, pampering is a way to express love for any dear person of mine, so I pamper my loved ones as well as become happy whenever someone overindulges me. What about you all? Do you love over attention, then why? If not, then why?

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    Being the eldest, I had to take up responsibility a bit early and I had to put up a bold and serious face even when I was just a school boy. Hence I did not get much pampering. Most of the time I waq looked upon as someone born to shoulder responsibilities. That continued throughout and even now continues. In career also while employees of my age were enjoying I had to show maturity and responsibility being in a responsible official position hierarchically. The same applies to my wife also who also had similar circumstances.
    But I do not regret on these and accept that everything was designed by God for my good. However I would give some pampering to little children and youngsters who come to me now.

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    Pampering is such a sweet word. Every one likes it alike. Children are most fond of it. You can make a person happy by pampering only without anything else. Unfortunately being such a nice thing pampering has a great potential to spoil people especially children.
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    Pampering to a limit is a welcome for me but there are times when the pampering become too hard and you need to stop them. When you get good attention from your parents, wife and children, you feel relaxed, loved and enjoy it but at times, these pampering becomes too possessive and you would like to breathe some fresh air. The same can be told of giving pampering to your loved ones. I love to pamper them but to a limit. I love to get sweets for them, take them to the lake or beach, give an oil massage, etc but not much as giving more spoils them.
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    I never have the opportunity of getting pampered by anybody so far in my life. I am the eldest son in a middle-class family. I am a brother for 4 brothers and 4 sisters. So from my early childhood I was taught how to control expenses and how to see that there will not be any wastage. But it is really good if somebody is pampering us. Now I pamper my granddaughter. So any small problem she will come and report to me and I have to see that her problem is sorted out. Many times she comes weeping if somebody asked her not to do some deeds. I have to pacify her and see that she will forget that issue.
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    When a person is a child he or she gets sometimes pampering from the parents and feels happy about it. So, there is no doubt that children like pampering. Even younger ones like pampering and I am inclined to say that elders also like pampering. Only problem is the consequence of this pampering which is not good as it spoils the person who is being pampered. A student who leaves his house for a job elsewhere and faces the harsh realities of life realises that pampering done to him was not a good act. It was too myopic in its character. But it is too late to realise that.
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