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    Song Lyrics influence to bring a change and impact in one’s life

    We all love music and listen to it. Be it old or new, be it western or classical, be it Ghazal, Karnatic, pop, Hindustani, Rock, Sufi, or melody, be it mashup or remix, etc, you find one for every mood. As music is what gives the feel, rhythm, vibrancy to the song but the lyrics forms the heart of that song. One may like the music if it has good catchy beats and tune and can be hummed by us but we like it more when we understand the lyrics to get the feel of the song. We all like good music but when in a bad mood or depression, we understand the lyrics and it helps us to change our mood as it has great impact on us. If I ask people like songs by music or lyrics? You may have a mixed answer but for me, Is is a mixture of both i.e. Good music with good lyrics and singing.

    Now during this lockdown, there are many songs that will give us relief our help us change our mood like Michael Jackson - Heal the world from the album: Dangerous (1991), a song from film Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid "Raindrops keep falling on my head," Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi from the film Masoom, Zindagi Pyaar ka geet hai from the movie Soutan, etc. What is yours is favourite song or on your playlist?

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    Yes, definitely songs have a high influence on us. While the tune and music impact us the lyrics always influence us. When the tune and the lyrics both supplement and complement each other the song becomes great and stays everlasting, evergreen.
    The Song "Koi hum dum na raha, koi sahara na raha.." in Jhumroo, acted and sung by Kishore Kumar is a lingering one and I hum it even now on certain days. That gives a very good message and reminds us about the naked truth of life. The moment we are left without any wealth, all will leave us.
    Another one is the "Eswara chintayithonnemanujanu shaashwatameeyulakil.." a song in an old Malyalam movie "Bhakta Kuchela" in the sixties sung by Kamukara Purushothaman is also similar one saying that faith on God only can bring permanent happiness to humans. It also talks about the ever increasing greed of humans also.
    Another one I liked is the ' Koi bata de dil he kahan , kyon hota hai dard wahan.."
    In Tamil there were a lot of songs with fantastic lyrics. Most of them were written by Kanndasan. Of which I still value the one " Poojyathukkulle oru rajyathai aandukondu puriyaamale iruppan oruvan..." in Tamil Movie " Valarpirai" in sixties sing by TMSoundarrajan. The lyrics describe God in so simple a way, but which can be explained philosophically to any length. The first line say s God is the one who sitting inside a zero rules a large kingdom, incomprehensible to others. If one understands him then he is God. It goes on like that.
    There are many song lyrics, but the post will become a lengthy one and so I stop here.

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    Sometimes it is the soothing music and sometimes a mixture of both will make our mood so happy. In Telugu movies, there are so many such melodious songs sung by famous singers, composed by famous lyricists and music given by famous musicians. A combination of all these is required for producing a beautiful song. I got a long list of so many such songs and sometimes in leisure I use to listen from youtube. Here I mention a few songs from Telugu I like most for their music, lyric and for the great credit of the singers. Narayana Mantram, Srimannarayana Bhajanam from Bhakta Prahlada, Chigurakula vooyalalo from Constable Koothuru, Mukkotidevathalu okkatainaru from Venkateswara Mahatyam, Palakadali pi seshatalpamuna from Chenchu Lakshmi, Himagiri sogasulu from Panda a Vanavasam.

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    Music is a charming thing as it lifts our mood from one territory to other so quickly that we do not realise it happening. It is a great solace to many of us and many people hear music and enjoy it to full extent. It is a great pass time also.
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    Modern day songs are being liked by the young generation for rap kind of lyrics, and fast music which is liking to the asking demand of the dancing generation. But old songs of any language had the rich bondage of lyrics which almost tell the synopsis of film and the characters playing the song would treat us with visual experience. Moreover the music would be soothing and not laud and that is the reason being so olden songs are golden songs and they are even liked by modern generation. What I feel that a song should be full with good lyrics, soulful rendering of music and active participation of the actors to give the best rendition which cannot be forgotten. In those days there were hit people of lyrics, music and play back singers which make the music hit because every one would render their job with full satisfaction.
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    It is not only movies or album songs that have good lyrics, but some of the devotional songs are also that make us think. I like the Christian devotional song "Manushyaa nee mann aakunnu mannilekku madangum noonam" which means, "Man you are from dust and to dust you return." There is one more from the Malayalam movie -Georgettans Pooram, the song is Oduvileyathrakkayinnu which says that For the last trip or journey, dear people I'm going, Angel with candlelight have come in the chariot of death.
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    The lyrics of songs that I like are:
    In Hindi
    Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhanaa.......
    In Tamil
    Pirakkum pothum Azhuhinrai, Irakkum pothum Azhuhinrai......
    Kadavul Manithanaga Pirakka Vendum. Avan Kaathalithu Vethanaiyil moolga vendum.......
    Kann pona pokkile manam pogalamaa.. Manam pona pokkile manithan pogalaamaa........

    There are many such philosophical songs that teach about life. Such songs are still in our mind. But the latest generation songs are baseless, meaningless and useless, and doesn't teach anything pertaining to our life.

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    Music has soothing effect which takes its listeners into the magic world where they forget all their worries as long as music goes on. It wonders me how millions of songs have been created on 7 swaras or notes so far and there is no end of new songs. I'd listen English singers also- mainly, MLTR, Elton John, Bee Gees, Bryan Adams, Wham, Ahha, Backstreet boys, Spice girls, Madona, Michael Bolton and the Beatles etc

    In the modern age Indian singers Arijit Singh, Mohit, Arman have impressed me lot.

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    At times, many lyrics of songs refreshes our feeling or mind. Some provide us inspiration, some attachment, some love, some patriotism, some devotion, etc. Some to pen down on certain topics are:
    1. On friendship - Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahaan Yaarana (1981), Tere jaisa yaar kahaan, kahan aisa yaaraana, yaad karegi duniya, tera mera afsaana which translates to " One cannot find a friend like you, there is no friendship like yours, The whole world will remember our stories."

    2. On Patriotic Songs -Kandhon Se Milte Hain KandheLakshya (2004), kandhon se milte hain kandhe, qadmon se qadam milte hain, ham chalte hain jab aise to, dil dushman ke hilte hain which translates to "When our shoulders and steps match with each other, The heart of enemy shakes watching our walk-in unity."

    3. On Family - Family - TobyMac(2012) - So it's two separate ways, Or am I too late to say? I wanna fight for what we got, 'Cause I believe in family, In family.

    4. On returning back - O Naadaan Parindey Ghar aa ja(Rockstar -2011)- O naadaan parindey, ghar aa jaa, kyun des bides phire maara, ,kyun haal behaal thaka haara, kyun des bides phire maara, tu raat biraat ka banjara which means " ingenious bird please come back home, Why do you wander from here to there, why are you all tired and in bad condition, why do you wander like expatriates from country to country and travel as nomadic people."

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    music is divine. If you have a soft ear, you will like any type of music. Even a small kid who is weeping will slowly get into sleep if the mother starts singing a song. What is the song and how it was sung may not matter. Everyone will like to hear a good song when they are not in a good mood. After hearing they will become normal. Even animals also will feel happy in hearing music.
    The best song I used to hear during these days is a prayer song in which Ravana sang a very good song praising Siva. The song is from a Telugu movie where NTR played the role of Ravana. That will give good relief for our mental condition. There are many other songs which I used to hear and this is the best song.
    Mahabharat and Ramayana serials on TV also gave us very good relief from all types of tensions. I enjoyed both serials.

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    Sure. When I lost my wife I went to ground and sea for doing rituals. On the next day morning when I start to raise, I heard a song from neighbor's radio or mobile,'unnai vittu ponaalum un ninaivai vittu pogavillai.....', a tamil cinema song lyrics which affect me very much and increased my sorrow. The meaning of the lyrics..'though I left you I am not leaving from your thoughts'.

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    I have interest in old Hindi songs and some old English songs also. Each song has two parts - one is music and other is lyric. It is difficult to say which is more important for a listener as it would change from individual to individual. I have much fancy to some old Hindi songs and some of them are - "Ajnabi kaun ho tum ...", "Yeh Wadiyan yeh fijayen ...", "Kahin dour jab din dhal jaye ...", "Arey oh shokh kaliyo ..." and so on. In English my favourite is "Falling in love with you ...". It is so flowing and so melodious. You would feel a river flowing softly and slowly on the flat terrain.
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