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    Did you like detective stories

    During my time we youngsters liked to read detective stories or thrillers.

    My interest and habit started from reading the Enid Blyton series "Secret Seven",'Famous Five' etc. during upper primary classes. Later I also started reading Phantom and Mandrake the Magician, the illustrated Comic books.

    While in High School, I joined the local Public Library. Of the two books I was eligible to hire at a time, I always chose one detective book. There were lot of detective stories in Malayalam then. Most of them were written by Kottayam Pushpanath. Many detective story movies also came in those times. Prem Nazeer in Malayalam, Jaishankar in Tamil was the main actors in such movies. Interestingly there was a Malaylam movie titled CID Nazeer , and a Tamil movie named CID Shankar in which Prem Nazeer and Jaishankar were the heroes respectively.

    After reaching college I started reading James Hadley Chase and Erle Stanley Gardner (Perry Mason) books. Many other books and authors too. After getting job it became light reading for time pass. Then in Tamil a number of modern writers became popular with their short novels published every week or fortnight by different publishers. There were Rajesh Kumar, Pattukottai Prabhakar, Indra Soundarrajan, Sujatha, Rajendrakumar etc were most popular. The books were very cheap also. There could be thousands and I would have read a few hundred books while I was working in Tamil Nadu. They were best time pass. The titles were also very interesting like "January, February, Mortuary" "Kolaikanal" "May, June, Julie" etc.

    Do you like reading detective stories when you were young? In which languages?Who were the authors?

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    That is not my take as I usually went for household magazines and books related to cooking, crafting and housekeeping. I do not have any exposure to the detective or mystery novels but I have seen some mystery and detective movies which were very entertaining.
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    Detective stories are not liked by many as the stories would be concentrating on the tricks and work of the character and there cannot be learning out of such stories.
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    I too like detectives and crime stories. I have not read many stories but one of my favourites is Sherlock Holmes and I like reading it as it keeps you on the nerve and would like to get the conclusion. I like watching detective serials or movies that come on TV channels. I Liked Ek, Do Teen Char, Raja Aur Rancho, Chacha Chaudhari, Karamchand, Suraag - the clue and Byomkesh Bakshi on Doordarshan in the 80s and 90s, CID on Sony, Special Squad (2005 - 2006), Krishna Arjun (1998 - 2003), etc. I also loved 100days, Talaash (2012), Kahaani (2012), Masters - Malayalam, Crime File-Malayalam, Sethuramiyer CBI - Malayalam, Forensic - Malayalam, etc. There are many more that is there to list but don't remember.
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    I used to read detective books a lot. During my high school and college days many detective books were being published. Yughadhar is the name of the detective in the books written by a particular writer. We were having a library and many novels and detective books were available there. Daily we were getting 2 books. I used to complete those books in a day. My sister was also reading. I used to like those books and the methods they were using used to impress me maximum. My father used to scold me for reading these books if it happens to see. So we used to read them when he was not there in the house. Later on we stopped that.These days there is no time and interest also to read such books.
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    During my school days, I was interested in reading Tamil detective stories. Such books were available on the road side book sellers and in the railway stations. It used to be very interesting and a timepass activity. That was only to read and forget, nothing to carry with me. It is of no use for life.
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    @ Rao #703422, once our class teacher in tenth clas caught us reading detective book during class. She did not scold us, but very patiently explained that our brain is like a telephone exchange. To get the right connection we should not clog it with unwanted traffic. She told us to give preference to studies so that lessons get recorded in the brain and retrieved when needed. She told we can read such books during vacation when there are no classes.
    @SuN#703423, I was also buying the detective novels from railway station book stalls. In places like Madurai they were available in the pan-beedi shops along with other magazines. They were just for time pass. They came to use when we had to travel.

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    @Mohan#703397, yes I agree that detetive stories may not have any strong mesage to convey. They are read just for guaranteed time-pass. But each story convey atat criminal will be caught ultimately. Police is ultimately clevere than criminals.
    Varghes, your post reminds me about the ooks I also read and the TV serial I also watched.

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    I wasn't a fond of detective stories however, I read a few novels of Ibne Safi in Urdu/hindi. He was a great creative writer of detective stories. Besides him I read O.P. Sharma and Ved Prakash Sharma as well

    but I like to watch movies or TV serials based on detective or thriller stories instead.

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    And coming to the point of a peculiar dressing by the detectives also bring smiles in my face as they behave eccentrically with a magnifying glass and move around suspiciously.
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    I don't have the habit of reading detective books. In my school and college times there are many popular books to which many youngsters got attracted to them. I tried one or two times to read few pages of these books but I never get attracted to them. But at times I used to read few Telugu social novels. These social novels have some good characters and one can read them very interestingly at one go as the stories are related to our lives. But we cannot find interest in detective novel creation.

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    I like to read the detective stories or novels. During my student life I read mostly Hindi detective novels which were a good pass time as well as gave good amount of speculation and thrill to its readers. Later when I learned English I started reading Sherlock Homes and subsequently read the Agatha Christie novels. Initially it was difficult to comprehend the Christie novels but later I became accustomed to her plots which were intricately woven. In between I had read many others which were equally intriguing and mysterious and awaken our sense of detection and finding the criminal.
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    A Malayalm movie named CID Moosa a few years ago, with Dileep as lead actor reminded me of the yesteryear CID movies. Though the movie was not strictly a crime detective story it was a good entertainer. The Mammooty starrer " Oru CBI diary kurippu" was an out and out detective movie and became a big hit. That encouraged a few sequels too.
    The name Sherlock Homes still inspires people and a Malayalam movie came with name 'Sherlock Toms".
    Mohan is correct.The CID s in movies typically don very interesting dress and have magnifying glasses and other special gadgets.

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    My first choice in books was science fiction and encyclopedia when I was a child. But I also enjoyed reading detective stories of "Sherlock Holmes" (English Novel Series) and "Faster Fene" (Marathi Novel Series). If I compare between Sherlock Holmes and Faster Fene, I found Faster Fene more interesting for the reasons-
    1. Faster Fene is a teenage boy character who is finding out the crimes just to help his family, friends and neighborhood, whereas Sherlock Holmes is a professional detective working for the sake of money only.
    2. In Sherlock Holmes series the incidents and locations were based in western culture. In Faster Fene series the incidents, locations and culture were based in Maharashtra,India. Hence it was very easy to relate with the story.

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    I don't like too much but yes I can say sometimes some stories may be interested.
    But still, if someone asked me to prefer then I would not suggest for detective stories.
    Mostly I read motivational books.
    But I appreciate those people who love to read his kind of stores and watching suspense thriller movies.
    I tried to read this sort of books but frankly speaking, I did not find as enjoyable as I feel in other books but if is there some specific book available which we really should to read then please let me know I will surely read it.

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