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    Do you have friends of life in this fashion?

    Some facts are stranger than fiction. This true incident happened almost three years ago, to a friend of mine. He had to urgently travel to Coimbatore, on official work and the company had booked his accommodation by the prestigious Cheran Express that runs between Chennai and Coimbatore. He was supposed to board the train at Arakkonam.

    He boarded the train, but the wrong train and entered into a heated argument with another passenger whom he thought was occupying his berth. He showed the ticket print out and even one co-passenger came to his support. The train normally would stop for just a minute or so. However, on that day, there was some problem and the train stopped for a full five minutes. The TTE who came along politely admonished him for boarding the wrong train!! My friend profusely apologized to the stranger and alighted from the train. He was fortunate that the train had not taken off.

    After a week, he happened to be in Chennai and boarded the same Cheran Express and the same 3AC compartment. This time, he was scocked to see the same passenger. He immediately apologized once again, but then they even found out that they were distantly related to each other!! To this day, they are the closest of friends. Not just that. That gentleman has now become my friend too, as all the three of us met later at a wedding.

    Do you have friends for life in this fashion?.

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    I do not a friend for life in this fashion but yes, I have one in some similar fashion. I got recruited for my new job in a new company and joined there. My B-I-L was also in that company and was working in one of the ongoing projects. After signing the agreement, I was allocated to go to the project and I joined the same project as that of my B-I-L. As he was a senior member, they had the group of their age and as I was new and youngest, I too was asked to join in their group. Being new and younger to say of their children's age, I was very humble and obedient as they all were seniors. There was one guy who,s name was similar to my dad and were the serious character. At the start, I would just answer what is asked and very shy but as days passed, we became very close that we shared everything. I was talkative and he silent but whenever I keep quiet, he would start some conversation and would always tell that you are good when you talk, keeping silent doesn't suit you. Even others would tease that see how they have become like Tom and Jerry. I had full freedom and was always taken care of as his son and enjoyed being pampered. He got retired and at home but we do chat and have a video call every week. We both miss each other but you can say that friendship knows no age or distance.
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    Some times we meet the same person again and again and that proves that something is knocking between us and we need to explore each other and that is why those heated argument took place.
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    It is not on a particular journey but in my job I had one such incident. I was working in Hindpur and I got my new job near Hyderabad, I vacated my house and brought the luggage to the new town. My family has gone to our native place and I came alone. My company has arranged a house in that town. The first day I went to the office and I met my new boss there. After seeing him that he may be a brother of my Research guide. But I know all the own brothers of my Research Guide. I thought he may be a cousin brother, Anyhow I have gone and got introduced myself. The boss asked me under whom I did my doctorate. I mentioned the name of my research director. Immediately he said that he is his cousin brother and he went on talking about his association with him. I also felt happy. That day evening he called me to his house and he talked over the phone to my research director and he made me also talk to him. From that onwards he was very friendly with me and never behaved like a boss and after he retired I have been promoted to his post.
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    No, I did not get a new friendship in this fashion. But there is an interesting incident how we got new family friendship.
    I was travelling in a share autorikshaw in a Mumbai suburb. I was alone in the auto. As I wanted to go urgently I told the auto driver that if he did not get a passenger on the way, I will pay him full amount. But just a few yards ahead a girl showed hand and entered the auto. Even while entering the auto she was loudly talking to someone on her mobile. She was not bothered about us in the auto. I could make out that she is from Kerala and I could understand everything she said. She was talking to her mother. Just on getting down near station, I asked her name in our language. She answered and then I asked her what she studied and where she stayed. She told her that she was degree student and told the name of the apartments and flat number. Then I asked her father's name. She gave that also. I felt the girl was very naive. I felt very strange about her naive behaviour. I told this to my wife and also told her that we should visit her house because if she told about this incident to her mother she would get worried as to which stranger she disclosed the personal details.
    So in the evening I and wife visited her house and narrated the full details to her mother and comforted her that she need not worry and advised the girl not to disclose such things to strangers.
    From that day we became family friends. The girl has since completed her studies, got a job, married and now happily staying with her husband, kid and family members. Whenever we go to Mumbai side w visit them. Otherwise we keep in touch y Whatsapp

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