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    If marriage has to be performed how you shortlist the guests names?

    Though the pandemic is not going to end in near future, we cannot stop the festivities and functions and that should be held. Even the marriages are lined up in many homes across the country but preparing the list of important invitees is the big task as we cannot ignore most important families and persons as they have been well wishers too. In that case how do you decide whether you insist one person from family or only female member from a family or suggest your own ways of shortlisting the invite list. This would benefit everyone.

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    This is a real problem we are facing now. My brother's son's was fixed on 10th April 2020. But it was postponed due to COVID19. Now the date is on August 2nd. Now the maximum number allowed is 50. Out of this 10 people will be supporting staff like Pandit and his asst, video person, cook and his assts and servant maids. Remaining 40 . 20 people from the girl's family and 20 from our family. This is what we have decided.
    Now whom to be called from our side. My parents, brothers and sisters and their families will be around 30 people. Discussions were held among us and we decided that coming from other places to Hyderabad is difficult and only persons in Hyderabad only will attend the event. But in Hyderabad it self we have more than 100 relatives. So the short listing is going on.May be we will finalise the list in a day or two and invite them.

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    For me, it is the ideal time for any functions as everyone knows that due to pandemic, the list has to be truncated and many would understand. We can ask our parents to make a list by asking only one member per family to attend. We may have only our close relatives to attend and for others, we may inform them of the occasion and the reason for not asking them to attend the function. We may ask them to bless the couple or function through their prayers and good wishes. This will help us is saving money and arrangements.
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    Now the main focus is just to manage on. All other detailed things can wait for some more time.
    But I pray that let the situation come back to normal Pre-Covid status. As there is restrictions to celebrations (understandably) no one will feel bad, no one will misunderstand if we miss or avoid someone.
    Today was marriage of son of fellow committee member in an organisation. It was conducted in a temple .The photograph shows just about ten persons total from both sides. The engagement was celebrated about five or six months ago=before Covid. Last week he put a post in the Whatsapp group that the marriage will be conducted in a simple way in temple on 12th, I.e. today) , and due to Covid no celebrations are planned. Seek everyone's blessings and best wishes. Today I sent Best Wishes and congrats to the newlywed couple by Whatsapp post.
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    I would suggest to go for online function through video chatting. In this situation we should avoid calling people and making a gathering. Let people watch the crisp and concise function online and have dinner in their houses only. We also have responsibility to share in this situation and if we do not take the lead then who else would do it. If everyone tells others to follow but not following themselves then how we are going to fight with this deadly challenge in our lives.
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    Even if the government permits 100 persons or 50 persons to attend the function, we need not to get those number of invitees. We can conduct the marriage in the presence of very few members. And the invitees should be living very close to the venue of the marriage.

    One of my cousin's son married on 26th April 2020. It was a full lockdown period. The permissible number of invitees was only 20. I told the BG that he should take only his Brother, Sister-in-law, one of his close friends (His father is not alive). So from the Grooms side, there were only four invitees. And the bride's side, there were seven invitees. The marriage was performed inside a temple. The total number attended was 11 including the couples.

    I suggested that a grand function may be hosted when normalcy is resumed. Now, it seems that Corona will live for many months. As of now, the bride has conceived and she is likely to deliver a boy or girl in April 2021. I have suggested him to have a grand birthday celebration of his son or daughter in April 2022.

    I suggested him to name his son as 'Coronisun', and if daughter as "Cononika'

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