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    Marriage a Life Long Decision

    Those who are willing to get married and those who have married in the lockdown period, have taken a Life-Long Decision to stay long for years to come. We have seen people who get married after a few years tend to lose energy in their marriage life and often it leads to divorce. There are people who get into extramarital affairs and they don't even think about their wife and children. The couples need to have an understanding and must adjust their ego to lead a peaceful life. Why Couples are not able to maintain respect for their marriage life?. Why people get into extramarital affairs?. Suggest your views and suggestions on the topic.
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    A few people who never value the pious relation of wife and husband and who have no ethics and who never give importance for values in life only will do such illegal activities.
    Marriage is a pious bond formed between a boy and girl. On the day of marriage both of them will promise the world that they will go together in all the moments and will never leave the other person. But due to unnecessary issues and worldly attractions some may opt out for divorce.

    The problem of divorcing will be there in the initial years of marriage. Once they live together for 10 to 15 years, they will understand each other and they will have children also. Then the chances of getting divorced will come down.

    The success of married life depends mainly on the adjustment nature and accommodating nature of the person,They should have faith in each other and should also respect each other. In such case chances of disputes will be less. When one is angry the other should keep silent till he is out of anger. When once sometime is given the anger will come down and mind will start working normally and no hasty decisions will be taken.

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    When we talk about marriage, it is actual occurrences were a boy and girl agrees to live as partners for companionship and intimacy and be there for each other till death make them apart. Marriage is not only the union of two people but it is also joining of two families, their children and people around them to help in pro-creation and to be there for your partner throughout your life side by side as equal. Let it be sorrow or joy, be it sickness or healthy, be it loss or gain, be it tough or easy, be it near or far, be it beautiful or ugly, be it healthy or handicapped, etc, you and your partner is physically, mentally and spiritually one and would stand as one in every situation.

    A marriage is between two people from different background, situation, etc and they need to understand the fact that everyone is different and try to understand each other by every passing day to make their bond stronger. Never take your partner for granted or speak something that huts him/her for your mouth that spit venom can break the house that cannot mend later. When there is a problem, try to solve it as soon as possible by mutual talk, if not try to involve your parents as they can help in concluding but always try to compromise for a better living. If you do not take the initiative to solve, there will form a crack that will keep on growing reaching to divorce.

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    Marriage is like a contract between two people accepted and approved as legal and lawful by the society and issues born due to their intimacy are considered as legitimate whereas Pre-marital or extra-marital relationship is taken as illegal and unlawful and issues born because of this relationship are known as illegitimate babies. However, in most of the western countries all is fair in relationship based on love whether or not the couple is married.

    In any case cheating on partner or spouse by either of two , undoubtedly, is a reprehensible act. Dissatisfaction between the couple is the root cause of cheating, rest- several ramifications can be extracted for dissatisfaction.

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    In Tamil marriage is considered as " Aayiram kaalathu payir"- a crop to stand for thousand years.
    It is believed that one-man for one woman and vice-versa. So once married, they are blessed and expected to be husband and wife for their full life. In Hindu marriage the blessings for a married couple is beginning " Shatamaanam bhavati.... ". It means be blessed for a life for 100 years.
    Many religions do not accept or consider divorce. So once married, the partners are supposed to be together for their full life. They are husband and wife until death parts them.
    The Biblical words in this regard are: "So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.".
    So it is expected that the married couple stay together happily as husband and wife for their full life.
    In India it is still considered and lived so even though separations are increasing.

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    Marriage is a life time decision and we have to abide by it. Unfortunately in many cases the expectations from each other do not turn out as expected and then the clash starts. In extreme cases it culminates in divorce. The strange thing about the marriage is that the differences which are going to come after the marriage are not known to us beforehand and that is what makes the life difficult after the marriage. Still, there are people who compromise and keep cordial relations in spite of having difference between them. Marriage is a serious contract between the two people and they should respect it.
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