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    Uncertainty and unpredictability

    We all have experienced until now that there are surprises on every path. Things do not go the way we want them to. As time is progressing, life is becoming more uncertain and unpredictable. For example, earlier too, there were these factors. However, they did not bring the surprise element to this extent. Whenever someone got a job, his future was secured. He might not have to hunt for another one until retirement. Whenever two people married each other, their marriage lasted. It is untrue that everything went smoothly for them. Whether it was a job or married life, obstacles did arrive and surprised them. However, they could solve all the puzzles and came out victorious.

    Today, everything is uncertain. No matter how good a profile is, job security cannot be guaranteed. The span of a relationship cannot be guaranteed. Also, there is uncertainty in weather conditions. Who might have thought that we might have to face coronavirus pandemic for so long this year? Whether it is our volatile economies or concerns about our physical and mental health, everything is getting unpredictable, and uncertainty revolves around them.

    Why do we want everything to be predictable? It is because we crave for emotional freedom which lies in certainty. Uncertainty surprises us and challenges us. We may not know how to tackle the challenges. Fear of not being equipped is dangerous.

    Many members here have seen the world-changing. Do you feel it has changed enormously, and the uncertainty factor has overshadowed everything? Or is everything the same as it was in the earlier times?

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    The main change I have seen over some time is the attitude of the people. People used to be very happy with the limited resources and comforts they have. How to make a living with honesty within the facilities available was the point in the minds of the people. One house to live in and a job to take care of expenses is what they were trying and they have a lot of contentment. They are happy with what they have. They never hesitated to work hard and they were respecting elders and giving value to their words.
    But these days people are not happy with what they have. They want everything in their house. So to get all those they are after money and at the same time they have no patience to work hard. I am not telling that all are like this. This is giving a chance for uncertainty and unpredictability. Nobody is ready to face any difficult situation and they cannot face such a situation. That is making all the difference.

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    I could say that everything is changing but not on a sudden note. Everything is changing slowly and some are for good while some may not be in favour. When we want something good to happen, there will be changes in nature, relationships, on finance, on religion, on politics, on children, on technology, on goods, etc and we want to be with the change. Many changes were once told to bring destruction but are most widely used i.e. computer and internet, electricity, fuel, trade, online purchase, Malls, etc were once protested but widely used nowadays.

    When we talk about security as in jobs, relationships, government, etc, it has reduced as you never know when you will be thrown out or removed from your job, relation become brutal or government falls but some are for good and some may be for political or peoples gain. Sometimes uncertainty is good as we all like surprises but some surprises may turn fatal but in life, we cannot predict anything like the case of MET department. MET always have their final lines as, there is a chance to have or not have a heavy fall, so be prepared.

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    Just now I had a rare experience as myself and my wife went to her sisters house and were returning. While we were discussing and driving the scooter, I failed to notice the petrol in the vehicle and it suddenly stopped and there is no petrol pump for nearly four kilo meters this side or that side and we decided to walk with towing scooter. But two young boys who noticed our plight has voluntarily offered to lend little petrol so that we can reach the pump. On their gesture we both are overwhelmed and thanked them too much and they refused to accept money. We felt that during uncertainties even unpredictable help also comes calling without seeking.
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    Both uncertainty and unpredictability are not good traits or habits.
    Uncertainty affects us while our unpredictability has impact on others approaching us. Our uncertainty character may keep us confusing and it may also make others not to approach us for a solution. ut our unpredictability will make others fear us and avid us too.
    With regard to natural calamities, we should be prepared with positive alternatives to face uncertainties and also with all prudent precautions and conditional contingency plans against unpredictable events.

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