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    Trolls: The new common man mascot that pinpoints the action in a comic way.

    When we search for the meaning of "Troll" on google, it gives the result that it is an internet slang used by a person/group to starts a flame war purposely to upset people, sect or religion group by posting foment and exasperating messages in an online community and intentionally infuriating its readers into disposing of emotional responses. To some extent, we can say yes, it does so as many trolls are aggressive, insulting and provoking but some are to the point and pinpoints the current state of mind or game of the doer.

    We have enjoyed the Common Man cartoon character created by Indian author and cartoonist R. K. Laxman that acted as a silent bystander to all the action but represented the hopes, expectation, worries and kink of the average Indian. The troll, on the other hand, uses clips or pictures with dialogues or scripts that are hilarious but to the point of what is going on. Many trolls hit the bulls-eye and tell the truth.

    Many may enjoy and many may refuse but as everything has two sides so also the trolls. What is your take on the new Internet slang, troll? Do you enjoy it or is irritated by its spread. Do give your comment with the best troll that you enjoyed and the one that made you flustered?

    (My 12th entry for the ISC 13th Birthday Special - A thread a day challenge. )
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    I am one who enjoys positive satire and humour. I was an avid reader of Shankar's weekly. I also admired the Tamil comedy actor-dramatist-Journalist-political commentator-editor of Tughlak weekly late CHO Ramaswamy.(Please see my response#488281 in the threadImportance of sense of humor

    I had tried to imbibe their broad viewing of things from different angles and find some inner and indirect meaning also. They used to see everything with a sense e of humour. So there was no personal animosity and he could comment without any personal bias, but with proper focus on the matter. In Malayalam there was a popular Comic " Bobanum Moliyum" which was also a cartoon cum comic with subtle humour and satire on events in our day to day life.
    I remember vaguely that I had also raised a thread on the topic of troll, but I am not able to find it now.
    Due to the popularity and spread of social media trolls become very popular and their reach is very large. I like all those trolls who have harmless humour and satire in them.They serve as strong criticism and can create great awareness among people. Trolls are facts brought out by way of fiction and humour. However I do not like those with negativity and personal attacks.

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    Trolls are naked truth that is posted by the troller group on any current topic. It can be politics, education, technology, entertainment, government, etc and some are very true. Many posts are shared on social media where they present it in a hilarious way using comedies, memes, dialogues, scripts, etc to show what is happening. May decision-makers fear trolling and they make their group to put up some trolls for them. Many trollers have favouritism and thus group-up to defame someone and even netizen family members which is actually very ridiculous.
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