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    Growing indiscipline among students

    Growing indiscipline among students of colleges/universities is the matter of concern for all the sane people. Impudency and disrespect for teachers, contravention of prescribed rules, group based rivalry, taking part in dirty politics even rampaging as goons in and out of campus- such activities have become the part of students-life.
    Teachers, parents, school administration, political parties and private educational institutes all are responsible for growing propensity among the future of our nation pertaining to all these indiscipilinary activities.

    But what I'm worried about them most is that the virus of fanaticism and bigotry is infecting them. This virus is killing humanity in them. Most of them whose immunity to resist radicalization is weak are highly vulnerable.

    We need to rejig the whole dispensation by infusing the sprit of humanity among them which is imbued by moral teachings at school level.

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    There are many reasons for this tendency. All are responsible for this behaviour of students. It is easy to bend a plant but not a tree. All the parents should see that all the children will learn good practices during their childhood. Kids will learn by observing their parents. So they should understand that they have to behave properly. Then they will be good. But we have no time for that and we will leave our kids to maids. A maid can never be a mother to somebody else's kid.
    We should tell them the epics in which the goons and demons were punished by God. While telling these stories we should mKe them to understand that being good is what is required for a happy life. This will definitely help them to understand how they should behave in their lives.

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    It is known that children start grasping from what they see, hear and are taught. At home, if we teach them good moral and open up about what happens, they will be able to understand it better than getting half or unwanted knowledge from the outside world. Parents or the home is the first teacher or school from where the children learn. Every parent and the family member must teach the correct essence of life to their children. This includes loving, sharing, caring, right, wrong, relationship, neighbours, religion, politics, union, democracy, respect, simplicity, helping hand, responsibility, rights, etc so that he will learn what is right from the right source. The role of teachers, neighbours, society is in the later stage. Parents need to understand their children, give them freedom but make them know the value of it as teaching them the value of "No", etc. When they learn from the right source and can differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong, with and against, legal and illegal, friend and foe, real and masked, etc, they will not fall prey to such fanaticism and bigotry.
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    Unfortunately every political parties are nurturing the future leaders from the students of colleges, universities and other areas. The parties know that the young blood are ready to take any actions if dictated and the leaders can gain over the students upsurge. If TRS has won the separate state of Telangana that was only because so many students given their life during strong agitations that expanded to many days and inside the campus there would rallies, dharna and even the lathi charge and firing also. And those students who are fighting in front line are attacked and arrested and that way the students create impressions with the party leaders and thus during elections these are the qualities for which that person would be selected to be given ticket. That way the strong students become great leaders in future. And in this process the growing indiscipline is seen.
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    There is growing indiscipline in general in society. As students witness all these, they also follow same. There is super support and justification for tolerating indiscipline and negativity. These are done by vested interest to get their special agenda achieved. But it is taken as true and like a mantra by vulnerable sections especially the young students and youth. As it is human tendency not to be within controls and restrictions, these kind of propaganda from different sides attract them. So overall, indiscipline is seen. I a teacher or a principal or a policeman tries to implement certain instructions or guidelines aimed at maintain discipline they get drawn into umpteen court cases and have to face organised protest and even physical attacks. So even those sincere to implement and maintain discipline simply turn the other way to save themselves from trouble. So indiscipline gets a free run.
    Not a good situation for a civil society.

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    @Dr Rao:

    Very well said. You've pointed out the crux of the matter. Point is why parents are so engrossed in their mundane affairs engulfed by material things that they've no time for their children to raise them as good human beings.

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    @K Mohan:

    yes, and they're misleading the youth of the day but why educated youth don't open their eyes to see realities


    It seems that the society as a whole is desensitized which generate negativity in students mindset as they're also the part of this society. Positive forces are too shy to debunk any false propaganda.

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