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    Spices- the soul of Indian food

    Indian food is nothing without spices. In fact, a small container with many small partitions filled with different spices in it is a common thing to be found in every kitchen in India. We cannot imagine any flavorsome dish without spices. But at the same time, we all have our own taste and even in a family, each member can have varied tastes.
    Apart from the taste, these spices also amplify the aroma and the look of the food. If I add only green chili in the dal tadka, it gives the boring yellow look, but when I add a pinch of red chili powder along with green chili and then garnish it with chopped coriander leaves, it looks complete. The result of added spices varies depending upon the way you add them and the step when you add. Yesterday only I got to know that the flavour of cinnamon stick and grounded cinnamon varies in a dish.
    Share your thoughts and experiences on the same. Not only females but male chefs are also welcome to post their comments. In fact, the food consumers are the best to comment on the same as they can notice the change in taste.

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    As told by the author the Indian spicy food is known for the rich aroma and taste. People generally feel that the Biryani or the fried rice prepared in hotels are of good taste. But what I mention that if the right ingredients of masala were added we can prepare spicy Biryani or fried rice at the home itself. What the basics needed are the laung, pepper, elaichi, patta, jeera and rai. All these items need to be friend in the ghee and then added sliced potato carrot and beans and then make the deep fry. Once the vegetable is cooked, add the rice and water and wait for whole thing to be cooked and then add the salt. Spicy biryani is ready for you.
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    Spices are not only tasty but also good for health. That is why they are used in small doses in almost all the foods. A vegetarian biriyani without spices is as good as normal rice only. The taste will change based on the spices that are added and the quantity of each item will also make the difference. In our house, we take very less spicy food. We can't eat if the species are added more. My wife will make separate for me and herself without much species. Then she will add spices more to my sons as the like to take more spicy food.
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    I cannot imagine food without the usual Indian spices. It will be just bland.
    We were given such food during our childhood on the day we were given laxative. Similarly when we were ill also we were not given any spicy food.
    It is only now days that I have reduced spicy food, as sometimes too much spices causes acidity and discomfort in stomach.
    Indian spices are now most talked about all over the world especially about their immunity boosting, diabetes managing capabilities.
    Indian spices were the automatic visiting card and invitation to guests to take food without delay many functions. Their sweet and pervading aroma just tempted one's taste buds and the person will be just salivating to taste the food urgently. However, just as in anything, spices should be used in moderation.
    Right now when I am posting this, I am getting a tempting sweet aroma of fried spices as my wife is cooking our dinner.

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    India is very famous for spicy food. Every spice has its own good and has its medicinal value. No food is complete without a spice. Even a sweet dish needs some spice. Even in Payasam, a sweet dish, we add cardamom which is a spice. Curd rice needs to be added with Pepper and green chilly. In India, Andhra food said to be spicy food. In Karnataka, they add little sugar to all the spicy dishes. We may not use spices, but excessive use of spices is very dangerous to health. Spices should be added to taste only.
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    I am no chef or even an ordinary cook, but I agree, spices are the soul of Indian food. No two way about it. It is no wonder that as far as we may go back in time, India has always been known for its rich heritage of spices. Its spices were popular across the world and most of the trade, in fact, by Indian traders then, was about spices. It is said that when Vasco da Gama sailed to India, he was more interested in the spices and even sailed back with lots of it for selling them in Europe. With the discovery of the sea route to India, the popularity of spices skyrocketed and in Europe, it was as valuable as gold. A few historians even blame it for the colonisation of India and other Asian countries by the Europeans. Fortunately for us, the world over, the country still maintains its formidable edge in the spices industry. Wonder how there are some countries who manage without much of spices in their food.
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    Spices are indeed the soul of India. We all have studied that foreigners invaded India for spices and this is how the trade started. Role of Indian Spices or Masala in our food and daily life is vast and one can find a variety of spices used in India. From north to south, from east to west of India, the same food is prepared in a variety of style and manner. The same dal is prepared in different spices in the north and made different in the south, the same changes its appearance in the east while it is colourful in the west. Many chefs and even housewives have their recipes and touch which makes it tastier. Some add spices as a whole, some powdered, some roasted, some tossed, etc. The same food changes its taste with its addition. The species, when added in proportion, add flavour but a slight increase can highlight it as we eat so the quantity is very important.
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    I have much interest in cooking as well as in trying new dishes so for me spices have a big importance as without them we are handicapped. Indian food is loved by the foodies all over the world because of these spices only.
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    Indian spices have own pride and honor all over the world. But, at the same time, all over India the variety of spices show rich cultural diversity. In every state of India we find different sort of spices being used. And with the different spices the whole set of recipes are changing on every 100 miles in India. We Indians are blessed to taste hundreds of various cuisines in our own country.
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