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    Never attempt too many things at one time.

    We all know the common saying 'Don't put too many irons in the fire'. If we have too many iron rods in the fire we can't hit them at the right time. If they are too many they may not get heated up properly and you can't craft them into the shape you want. Similarly, if we try more jobs than what we can handle at one time, we can't do any one of the works effectively. The results will not be much encouraging also.

    We may be having many works to do. But we can't do all the things at one time. We can't handle if we have more works on hand at one time. If We try doing too many things, we can't do any one of them particularly well. We have to list out the works we have to complete and make a priority list and complete them in the minimum possible time.

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    Though the present day generation are habituated to multi tasking that is doing several things at same time and surely there would be some sort of misgivings or complaints from at least one task such attempted. By the way what is the necessity of doing many works at same time as if there is urgency to do many things and tomorrow is going to end. Those who are confident of attempting and completing the designated works should only attempt more works at same time otherwise the person would become a laughing figure and would be criticized for not allowing others to attempt the same task.
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    Multitasking is a skill but everyone cannot handle it. The writer is true in saying that if we try to attempt too many things at one time, we may not be able to give 100% to that work. Some work needs full attention while some can be carried out without much attention. When one is trying to get the best result, he/she needs to concentrate on completing that task and then attempt another one. They can make a priority list and check out the requirement. If any work needs good attention then, it needs to be given full focus and others can be done simultaneously. Many can do multi-tasking but that is an art which requires good skill and knowledge.
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    There are many adages that hint to our smooth living.
    "To do two things at once is to do neither." Not long ago we had a forum thread Do not put each foot in a different boat where I opined that "Even if we are to pay attention or engage in more than one matter we should be able to prioritise and arrange so that we give proper and relevant attention to each.
    Attending or attempting multiple things simultaneously, especially if they are equally important, will divide and dilute our attention and efforts make all futile and fail."

    Someone has aptly said:"We are the generation capable of doing many things at once, without enjoying any of them."

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    Some people are very smart and versatile. They are able to do things simultaneously. Every one cannot do that and every one should not attempt that as in doing so it is very much possible that no work will be done.
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