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    What happened to our 2000 rupees currency notes. They are missing badly.

    For the last few months, I haven't seen a 2000/- rupee currency notes. I get only 500/- rupee currency notes from ATM and elsewhere.

    What happened to the big rosy 2000 rupee currency notes. Are they lying with the rich or in the bank lockers or in the reserve bank. I suspect something. We can expect a surprise about 2000 rupee currency notes, I hope.

    What is your good feeling about the missing of Currency notes from circulation?
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    It is a right observation from the author side. The circulation of 2000 currency note has gone to an astonishingly low level. Whenever I tried to get back this denomination through ATM, I have failed in my attempt and in the counter of banks, I have been paid cash with either the notes of Rs 500/- or Rs 200/-. On request, they could provide the denomination of Rs 100/-.
    This may be an indication of some changes in the present matrix but due to the present critical situation of COVID 19, such decisions seem pending.

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    I cannot tell what happened but in the present situation where there is very less business and many goods are not available, it would have been difficult to get changes for those currency notes. Maybe keeping this in mind they are not circulated widely.

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    Sometimes there could be instructions in the banking sector by the Govt that whatever 2000 rupee note comes in bank do not give it back to the customer or do not put in the ATM and return to the RBI. In such a condition this situation would emerge. There could be many reasons for Govt to do that and to avoid any panic or misunderstanding in the public this kind of thing is not being given wide publicity. Anyway we do not want 2000 rupee note. It was introduced as an interim measure during demonetisation and its purpose is over. It successfully took out the old 1000 and 500 rupee notes from the closets of many people.
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