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    Is it not cruel to laugh at someone's obesity or dark skin?

    When you observe comedian actors or actresses on television show or in film, you will easily note that most of these are either too fat or dark skinned or with some sort of ugly looks in terms of conventional beauty standards. And then these characters would be facing all sort of comparative and ridiculous comments from the co-characters from the scene to make us laugh. I am not able to understand why we need to ridicule someone or make fun of the physical looks?

    Are we teaching our kids unintentionally that you should make fun of someone's physical shortcomings or looks? Is it not cruel to laugh at someone's obesity or dark skin? Why ridiculing the ugliness considered to be funny?

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    Well, dark is also a colour and obesity is a condition that may give rise to many other health issues. Among many in our country, I find there is an affinity towards the fair skin but laughing at others for their skin colour is not acceptable in any way. In the thread, a particular term is used where I think the answer is somehow hiding. That term is 'conventional beauty standards'. We set some standards and think others must follow that standard and only by following that somebody will be called beautiful/ugly, dark/fair. Now, who is going to decide when someone is going to laugh or not? Nobody can force someone to laugh but the situation compels one to laugh. Kids laugh at one thing which the adults find very serious and adults laugh at things which the kids do not understand. It's true that kids should be raised in a way so that they understand what can be termed as shortcomings and what is a reality. While nobody should laugh at the shortcomings of others it is also to be seen the set standards are realistic.

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    We cannot compare the reel role of an actor as they are made such to give hilarious view to others. Many characters played by comedians are framed to bring out gag in us. If we look seriously into making fun of others shortcoming then it needs to be dealt with seriously. We all should understand that we everyone has a shortcoming in one or the other way and we may not like others to make fun of that in the same way, we too should not make fun of their shortcomings. Many people have started living their life happily and do not bother or give ear to others as they have the confidence to stand in public even with their shortcoming and be better than them. If we do not give our ear to them but focus on our ability, the world would stop making fun of us. The more we show our concern, the more they enjoy but when they understand that we do not care, they would not try to poke us. Nowadays, everything is turned beautiful, big is good, black is beautiful, etc.
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    There are two main categories of cruelties. One is the physical one which is of course a tortuous one and second is cruelty done with mind and innuendoes. The second type is sometimes more damaging as it creates degradation and humiliation of the fellow beings. Mocking on someone's personal or physical deficiencies is a very bad act and is unpardonable. How can we feel happy and have fun out of that. It is disgusting even to think like that.
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    It is very bad to belittle somebody because of their physical appearance or complexion. People may be black or they may be very heavy, but they may be very good at heart and maybe helping many others. We should respect such people. White skin or black skin. what makes the difference. Don't look at them. But look at their attitude or look at their helping nature. Give importance to these traits but not other issues. We have no choice of colour and physique. It is God's gift. So we can't differentiate people because of these reasons. Then only we can say we are human beings.
    Of course, in TV serials, TV shows and movies they do that to have some fun and comedy. But in real life, we should never encourage people who try to do this. Today you may be looking very good but tomorrow if somethings happen. people will start looking at you with the same feeling and in the same way as we were treating the black skin people or fat people.

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    It is the immature people who do it. Who are those immature? It is the children. May be up to the school level only. It is a childish attitude to laugh and make fun of the fat and the dark. Once we grow up, we realize and value the human. But a comedian being dark with a big tummy is for fun only. We should not take it seriously.

    But in real life, we should teach our children not to be cruel to any such person who are specially disabled. The complexion is God's creation, obesity is not. A dark boy or girl might be highly intelligent than a whitish girl or boy. Hence we should not be cruel to dark people.

    But obesity is due to lack of exercise and overeating. Yet we can advise them, " Hey, Look, Do some exercise and pull your tummy back. Don't eat more." If we say this to them, they would laugh and say, " No yaar, I can't yaar."

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    To laugh on others for physical deficiencies or colour differentiations is in a bad taste. It shows the inferior side of a human being. Today if we laugh on someone then tomorrow some one could also laugh on us.
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