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    Children need amusement, entertainment, fun, play for enjoyment and life skills learning

    Usually, parents mainly give importance to the education of their children while they join them in schools but gives less importance to their extracurricular activities. As most of the private institutions now a day's are situated in Apartments, there is no way students enjoy playing in playgrounds. Simply learning lessons does not help them in any way acquiring life skills that are so essential to build up their future.

    As a profession, I worked in a very famous school in India where students get all necessary first-class amenities for studies and extracurricular activities. Daily students will have one period of games or physical exercise in the evening. Big playgrounds are there for all these activities. Yearly sports day will be conducted for the students in all games and athletic events. The cultural week will be conducted house wise every three months. In this program, lots of students will be involved in skits, mono actions, music, singing songs, debates, quiz programs, dances, fancy dresses, etc. This will give a lot of entertainment and amusement to the students. Science fare will be conducted once in year to bring out practical talents of the students. Every year regularly Anniversary day will be conducted which is so colorful and exciting. In all these programs students and teachers work together in the arrangement, decoration, and conducting of programs. This will bring a kind of togetherness and bonding between the students and teachers. Life skills like cooperation and coordination will be learned by students in organizing these programs. Other than this, our school conducts a fancy fete program every year to raise funds for old aged homes or differently enabled people's hostels. In this program teachers, students, and management work together for an amusement day for the students and parents. Teachers and students come together to conduct a lot of amusement games stalls, Ice cream stalls, fruit stalls, bakery item stalls, Tiffin items, and lunch stalls. In each classroom, several interesting games will be organized by a few teachers with the help of students. Each student will be given tokens for money to enjoy the games and amusement. Wheel of fortune hit one wicket cricket, comedy movie shows, balloon shooting like games give a tumultuous and amazing look to the arena. Management spends money in advance for organizing the show, the entire profits got through this show will be donated to old age homes and the poor. The children really enjoy this day and never forget in their life. If children were involved in organizing in all such programs will really help them to learn valuable life skills.

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    It is an acceptable comment. Students get involved in communicative skills like mimicry, drama during the assembly hours in turns classwise and sections within a short time. All the students get a chance to involve themselves.
    Intercollege competitions and debates to encourage students to meet varied cultured people thus learning social behaviours. Annual day and annual sports day encourages to drive out of stage fear.

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