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    Are you angry, crying or laughing?

    I know you are not crying, not angry also otherwise you wouldn't be reading this thread. But if you are not laughing, I would advise you to at least smile. The situation may be worrisome but a little bit of laughter will make you relaxed. The other day while I was going to the market, my friend told me to purchase medicine and I took the prescription from him. His requirement was not that urgent and told me if the medicine is not available locally, he can purchase it from some other place. I enquired in a few local shops and it was not available there. I went to another shop, which is a bit far, that has a good stock and the shop owner is also known to me. I went there and showed the prescription to one of the shop assistants. The experienced shop assistant told me the particular medicine is not available anywhere nowadays because of some reasons but others with the same composition are available in the shop. Since I do not carry any mobile phone most of the time nowadays because of the pandemic I couldn't confirm him but told him that if required I will tell him to deliver it to my friend's house. That particular shop assistant stays near my locality and uses the same road to travel to the shop. After returning, I told my friend everything and later my friend confirmed from others that what the shop assistant said is correct. Then I told him that if I call the shop assistant he will be able to deliver it to his home. My friend agreed and the next morning while I was going to the grocer shop nearby I saw the man in his bicycle moving at a slow pace. I nodded my head and told him loudly that what he said the other day is correct and requested him to deliver the substitute medicines by the afternoon when he will return. He looked at me and I thought he gave me a heroic smile knowing that what he said was correct. Both of us were wearing masks and soon left the scene.

    By evening my friend called me saying that the medicine was not delivered. I immediately called the shop assistant and asked him why he didn't deliver the medicines by afternoon as promised in the morning. He was taken aback and after telling him the incident in the morning I heard him laughing and he told me that he went out much earlier before the incident and he used a different lane that day to come to the shop. I understood it was my fault. The man to whom I told to deliver the medicines may have some similarity but it was difficult to gauge since he was wearing a mask. He actually didn't smile but scowled at me but I thought he was laughing. See, it's difficult to understand the expressions when you wear a mask. The expression around your eyes becomes almost the same whether you are laughing, crying or angry and it's even difficult to guess the situation if somebody is wearing a mask.

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    True. Sometimes the masks are not even allowing us to identify the other person also. Wearing a mask has become a must these days. So the feelings of the other person can't be identified easily. Some people when they talk, they talk in such a way that whether they are appreciating us or criticising us. Only people who are familiar with the person's nature can only understand the meaning of his talk. The invisible mask will not allow us to understand his inner thoughts. But in this case, the masks are visible and we are not able to understand their expressions also,
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    Just a while ago only I responded to a similar thread.What do you do when you are angry?
    I had an occasion when instead of becoming angry I smiled and the other person was almost crying.
    It was in the initial days of my career. One person came and started shouting in anger. He was complaining about something which we did not do even after his telephoning many times. I was baffled and almost dumbstruck as I could not understand what happened. It was almost the feel of shame and shock that people are watching this, made me dumb.
    Then when he paused and I got a gap I asked him to give me the paper he was holding. And lo! I was suddenly relieved and I started smiling. He was surprised seeing my smile. I showed the paper back to him. It was related to a similar service organisation a few doors away. The name was very similar. He mistook our office as the other and started firing us.
    Once he understood his mistake he was profusely apologising and was almost on the verge of tears. Everyone appreciated my calmness and maturity in dealing the person.(Only I knew that it was sheer shock that made me dumb).

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    I really wonder and laugh at perople wearing different types of masks. Some wear an ordinary handkerchief. Some wear a use and throw mask. Some wear a wash and wear cloth masks. some wear masks costing Rs. 1000 +. I really laughed when a guy made golden mask and wore it. Some in-laws presented a silver mask to the couples during a marriage. Some poor villagers wearing a broad tree leaves as face masks.

    I tell God, " Oh God. What have you done? You made this generation to look like monkeys on the roads. Beauty has vanished from the earth. Beautiful Girls are not seen on the road. Women are not using their lipsticks to paint their lips. Kissing has lost its value.

    I really laugh at God for changing the world scenario within a month. Oh God! Thy name is Corona, a name that will remain as long as the earth rotates. Doesn't matter. We will go according to your way.

    But I really get angry when I see the Idols in the temples are adorned with face masks. It is really an insult to the Deities we pray and worship.

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    Sun @#703534, I understand the reason for your laugh but can't help. The present situation is such that there is no other way than wearing a mask. But I found it really surprising when you mentioned that the idols inside the temples are wearing masks. Maybe they try to spread out a message that when the idols are wearing a mask we all should wear it. Those who fear God at least will try to abide by wearing a mask after observing this.

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    There were many instances when we have tapped a person assuming that he is your friend and when he/she turns around, it is another person and you tell them sorry. Many may just ignore and say, its alright but some get frustrated and may even yell at you.

    During our college days, we used to keep bets of going and speaking with some strangers and this was the tactics used by many of our friends. They would simply bump to that person and would speak as if he/she is their friend and when they turn, our friend will act as it was not intentional and would say sorry and move back.

    During the pandemic when everyone is using the facemask, it is very difficult to recognise and there are chances that we may go along with some strangers talking as if they are our friend but maybe not. Many do understand and take it sportingly. Many a time when we do such blunder, we and the opposite person burst out as they understand that it was by mistake.

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