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    Had anyone been using a hand sanitizer before our world turned topsy-turvy

    Our world has turned topsy-turvy for sure. We are doing things, we never did before. We have stopped doing, what was routine for us. Going to schools, movies, malls, gyms, buses were all routine activity but no more. Wearing masks, social distancing and using hand sanitizer are the in-thing these days. Forget using it, a few months back many of us even didn't know the existence of such an item called hand sanitizer. From nobody, it is now the new captain cool. Along with the face masks, this is one indispensable item we cannot do without if we are going out. These days, everyone knows what a hand sanitizer is. We even have a very good article on the usage of hand sanitizers. Wondering, how many of you really knew about the hand sanitizer and also been using it before our world turned topsy-turvy?

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    No. I never heard about hand sanitizing. I clean my hands with ordinary water. After some labour with hand, I wash my hand with toilet soaps. Recently I started using liquid soaps like lifebuoy and Dettol available in bottles with the attractive press and use systems. Even now, I did not buy a hand sanitizer for use. I use only the soap available at my home. But when I visit to some shops, they forcefully drop some sanitizers. What to do. I accept it.

    I saw a video and worried. In a temple, the temple authorities offered sanitizers to the devotees. After the application of sanitizer, a devotee touched the camphor light brought by the poojari. OMG!. His whole palm turned with blisters.

    Someone suggested that we should apply coconut oil on both our palms, to be free from Coronavirus spread. I am following it. Before I leave, I take a few drops of pure coconut oil and apply in my palms and hands. After returning home, I wash my hand thoroughly with soap water.

    Due to corona, Sanitizer has become a profit-making item, next to face masks. It is advised that hand sanitizer is not a must. Use ordinary soap.

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    I have not used hand sanitizer before but we are using at present. We are having a few bottles of Sanitizer are there in our house. But before lockdown now and then we are using Dettol hand wash. After that it became compulsory. Sometimes we are using soap to wash hands. Wearing masks and cleaning hands with soap becomes compulsory at present.

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    Yes. My son was using sanitizer from 2017 onwards. He had to attend training before joining a job. He was given lodging in a place far away from the main city. The soft water facility was less inadequate in the area around the lodging as it was a coastal area. In the lodging they were provided with common drinking water cans.

    Hence he started using hand sanitizers before taking food in those small restaurants. He used to take only fresh hot foods. It continued as a habit as it was convenient to take small snacks at work spot too. He used to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in travels also. It also came to our help also.

    We were also using hand was in our home. Hence the Covid related hand wash and hand sanitizing did not become a burden to us.

    In ISC itself there were articles and forum posts where hand sanitizers were mentioned and recommended. I remember member Juana consistently mentioning about hand sanitizers in articles, discussions on hygiene, travel tips etc.

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    When I joined the new company in 2013, we had many companions from different countries like the Philippines, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi, etc and they would use it regularly. They would carry it in their bags and I would wonder, why they use it or carry it when they can wash their hands. I have used it at times but would avoid it as I prefer washing my hands than using hand sanitizers. After the COVID-19 or pandemic, the chaos of facemasks, hand sanitizers, social distancing, it has become a common name and become captain cool. Everyone in the office carries a bottle of hand sanitizer, facemask, gloves, etc in the bag and use them frequently.
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    I always use hand sanitizer and it always remains in my hand bag. My 8 year old son also carry it in school bags since a long time. But I rarely used mask. However, I live in Delhi NCR where pollution level remains quite high so my son use mask most of the time. But nowadays it becomes a necessity and all are using hand sanitizer and masks and also following social distancing and i hope it will continue for a long time even post COVID. I think everyone should mask in daily life as it protect us from PM 10 & 2.5 also.

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    I have used a hand sanitizer/liquid soap only a few times in washrooms at the basin in a restaurant where it is kept, before and/or after eating, and a couple of times on a train journey, otherwise never. Even now I am not using it at all. All of us at home have been, and are continuing to use, only soap and water. It is more important to wash hands thoroughly.

    As for masks, yes, it is really, really important but it should also be combined with social distancing.

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    Well, we did use a hand sanitizer even before the Covid days. But it was on rare occasions when we used to go for outings and there weren't too many options to wash our hands before we could eat. Later on, one of the teachers in my son's school advised against the use of sanitizers. After all, they are all chemicals. Since then, we kind of stopped using them. Now that I have to go office 6 days a week, there is no other go other than using a sanitizer and a mask.
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